Men and Boys’ Issues in Brief

A very brief bullet point list of men and boys’ issues follows. For a slight amplification of what these issues entail – but still in brief – read the Introduction to the Disadvantages faced by Men and Boys.

  • Educational disadvantage of boys, from aged 5 to university.
  • Lack of recognition of, or assistance for, male victims of partner abuse.
  • Men’s shorter life expectancy.
  • Substantially less research funding on men-only diseases compared with women-only diseases.
  • Averaged over the last five years, the male suicide rate in England was 3.3 times that of females (in Wales, 4.3 times), suicide being the commonest cause of death in males under 45.
  • Men have virtually no paternity rights.
  • Paternity fraud is rife, is extremely damaging to men and children, but society regards it as just fine.
  • Fathers are greatly disadvantaged in child contact arrangements after partner separation.
  • False allegations are commonly used as a tactic against men in the family courts.
  • At any point in time, one in four fathers do not live with their children (under 16), most often against their wishes.
  • Only about 50% of fathers will live with their dependent children continuously to their 16th birthday.
  • The bar is being ever lowered on what is regarded as sexual assault by males on females, whilst the penalties are becoming more severe. The result is that women have the power to destroy a man for minor offences or issues of perception.
  • In contrast, sexual assault of males (of all ages) by females remains largely unrecognised by society and the criminal justice system alike.
  • Grossly inequitable treatment of men and women in the criminal justice system. Three out of every four men in prison would not be there if they were treated like women.
  • Whilst we hear a great deal about the “pay gap”, the power must surely reside with who spends the money. Women certainly spend at least as much money as men, whoever earns it.
  • For full time workers under 40 years old the gender pay-rate gap is negligible.
  • For part time workers the gender pay-rate gap is in favour of women (about 5%).
  • Men work 609 million hours per week at paid work compared to women’s 394 million hours. Men also work for more continuous years over life. Hence, men work more and are home less – this is contribution, not privilege.
  • We hear a great deal about men not pulling their weight as regards domestic and childcare chores, but studies show that totalling all work, men and women work about the same number of hours.
  • Men are 96% of workplace fatalities, and are far more likely to suffer injuries at work or to get work related diseases than women.
  • Women seek “equality” with men only in desirable occupations (consultants, professors, Board members, MPs, etc) not in the jobs that 99% of men do – the nasty, dirty, dangerous jobs that lead to the above fatalities.
  • Men (or boys) are more likely to be the victims of violence than women (or girls) – despite the constant exhortations that we should “end violence against women”.
  • Around 90% of homeless rough sleepers are men.
  • 99% of war deaths and casualties are men.
  • Female genital mutilation is illegal and universally reviled. Male genital mutilation is regarded as perfectly acceptable and without disbenefit to the man (it isn’t). Half a million African boys killed or maimed in the last eight years by botched circumcisions goes unnoticed.
  • Female suffering is newsworthy, male suffering is not (e.g., Boko Haram – how many people know that their main activity is killing boys?).
  • There is a lack of action on under-representation of men in certain professions, contrasting with the huge focus on assisting women into areas where they are under-represented (e.g., STEM, though women now dominate in STEMM).
  • Male-only organisations have systematically been obliged to accept females, whilst the reverse is not true.
  • History is being systematically misrepresented as gendered oppression, rather than the oppression of the many, of both sexes, by the few, of both sexes. Both sexes had to fight for the vote; both sexes had to fight to be educated.

For a little more detail on these issues read the Introduction to the Disadvantages faced by Men and Boys.

138 thoughts on “Men and Boys’ Issues in Brief

  1. unimportant

    Capital punishment in Belarus

    “Since March 1, 1994, women are ineligible for capital punishment and persons under the age of 18 at the time of the crime or over 65 at the time of sentencing have been exempt from capital punishment since January 2001”

  2. Patrick Cain

    Married men, and unmarried men in “permanent” relationships with women, are condemned to unequal treatment from the beginning. I’m not being hyperbolic! For convenience, I’ll assume the following figures apply for both categories . The median age of death (2021) for an Australian man is 78 and for a woman, 84. A 6 year difference. The median age of first time marriage for Australian men is 30.8 and for women is 29.4 (2021). Thus, married men can expect that they will die roughly 7 1/2 years before their spouses. The affect of this is that the total assets accumulated during a marriage remain solely with the women for 7 1/2 years. If a marriage ends, in the vast majority of cases initiated by women, women take well over 50% of the marital assets and, when there are children, upwards of 65% plus ongoing free money from the redundant father. Considering this, the radical feminists should get their way. Perhaps, women should make more money, work longer hours and men, conversely, work at least 16% fewer hours, play more darts and pool, and enjoy the fruit of their hard working wives’ labour!

  3. SA

    “Three out of every four men in prison would not be there if they were treated like women.”

    I don’t doubt this at all, and have certainly heard it many times. However, do you think you could provide me with direct sources and/or analysis which supremely demonstrate such?

    Thanks in advance.

      1. William Collins Post author

        The list is nearly 10 years old now.

        I DO include biology, vet science and social sciences in STEMM, and the second M is medicine and subjects allied to medicine. Women dominate in the S and the second M, and also in STEM overall, quite correct. I have been blogging on this fact since 2015.

        Women undergraduates exceed men by 37% and women dominate in 75% of subjects.

        1. Charles Walbridge

          First. Please add my address to your subscriptions.

          Second: Inasfar as we’re starting far behind the damseling industry that claims to be feminism we need financially self-supporting approaches. I’ve been trying to uncover some new approaches (they’re probably under development somewhere.) With luck, these will make money for the companies that field such systems.
          I’m not suggesting that you invest in any of these things. Just be there when they come ’round for advice.

          And charge a hefty consulting fee.

          I’m still putting it together. For reasons that will be explained. the working title is “Riding the Bull,” but that could change. The finished length is unknown, but maybe I can fit it into one of these comment boxes.

          Charles Walbridge

      1. patrick

        The telling part isn’t the sheer number – it is that IF,
        the men currently imprisoned for offences that also have a record of women committing the same crime – were also retrospectively given the same punishment as women-
        then the male prison population would drop by 20,000

  4. Ryan Chand

    Great summary, although I believe you left out some major points.

    – You left out male loneliness, poor men’s mental health treatment, and no men’s studies courses in schools.

    – To the point about STEM it’s wrongly calculated to only include fields that women don’t dominate. It only includes physical sciences, mathematics, computing, engineering and technology, but not medicine, dentistry, biology, sports medicine, psychology, veterinary science, agriculture, architecture, geography and environmental sciences. When all STEM subjects are included women not only dominate but also 54% of the student population is made up of women (

    – There’s also new studies done on the double standards men face in dating (

    “Nearly three-quarters (73 percent) of young women say it is always morally wrong for a man to have an affair, while only about half (51 percent) say the same for a woman. The double standard among older women is not nearly as large.”

    – Then the misandry in the media ( and even chat gbt (

    – Then there’s the general biases men face highlighted in the study below.

  5. Ben Walker

    I’ve got true story for you about a man wrongly accused and the lengths Northumbria Police have gone to in order to cover up their gender bias, it being exposed by later data requests. Would like to share it so it doesn’t happen to any other male.

    Can you add me to the group so I can share this please.

    1. William Collins Post author

      I do not usually accept contributions from other authors. There are several organisations specific to false accusations who would be more appropriate (google it). Lamentably, even confining attention to men undergoing family court cases there are tens of thousands of false accusations per year in the UK alone. And tens of thousands more relating to sexual assault. Endeavours to expose this horror show go back at least to 1996 and the Cheltenham Group’s massive compendium of cases. What one discovers is that no one in authority cares one hoot. Good luck, though.

  6. Malmesbury

    Good overview! I think it should mention housing discrimination somewhere, as it’s extremely well documented, there is clear evidence of causal unfair treatment, it’s huge in magnitude with serious consequences and nobody knows about it.
    Here’s a meta-analysis for starters:

    (And it affects ethnic minorities too, as per the usual pattern.)

    1. William Collins Post author

      Thanks for the link. I address housing discrimination in my book, The Empathy Gap, in the UK context.

  7. Norma Laming

    Rory Muir’s book Gentlemen of Uncertain Fortune is illuminating about the precarious life of men in Jane Austen’s time. Life was as precarious for men without wealth, which included younger sons of established families, as it was for women

  8. Steve Moxon

    You get the prize for most insightful investigation of issues re the sexes in the way you calculate the 77% false rape report figure. This at last gets to grips with this most hard-to-get-a-handle-on issue, using actually official data, albeit some estimated. Very well done, sir. I had racked my brains how to do this when researching my book, The Woman Racket, and I was left with making an estimate based on the data for the different categories of non-progression of rape cases in the two special reports of rape by the Home Office. Conservatively 30% to 35%, I calculated, recognising this not only was well short of surveys of police rape investigators, but also short of the McDowell and Kanin work in the States. Your 77% fcalculation is very much in line with what police rape investigators worldwide estimate: 50% to 90%.

  9. Daniel Bryce

    Please add a complete lack of empathy for victims of MGM (circumcision), invalidation, lying, and gaslighting around this issue (“Circumcision isn’t anything like FGM, don’t compare the two, FGM removes pleasure and is intended to control female sexuality, circumcision isn’t, circumcision doesn’t reduce pleasure or function, circumcision has medical benefits, FGM doesn’t, don’t call it MGM!, just a little snip, just a little piece of “extra skin”, babies don’t feel pain, and won’t remember it if they do, be glad it was done!!! )

    Circumcision *IS* genital mutilation /amputation of the most important part of a man’s penis and has wide ranging negative effects on his mind and sexuality FOR LIFE! It absolutely is about control and punishment just for being male!!!!

    1. phil Stafford

      Generally agree but FYI male circumcision greatly reduces the chances of getting Aids Also worth noting the UN has done lots of research into preventing women catching aids I leave you to guess whether the UN is sharing this info re male circumcision or if they are doing any research into preventing male infection

      Another category that is not mentioned is the charity bias by Oxfam Amnesty etc etc, who now are only interested in supporting women in the 3rd world

        1. Tim Eldridge

          Babies aren’t usually sexually active so why not let them evaluate the pros and cons of circumcision for themselves when they are adults? Babies are actually at greatest risk of acquiring HIV from their mothers during natural birth. There is also a proven alternative to circumcision that prevents HIV transmission without the need for risky surgery: condoms.

          The severe trauma of MGM (the most sensitive part of the penis being cut off) can also impact on the developing brain with lifelong consequences for the child, so it is not just a question of the child’s bodily integrity. How anyone could be so lacking in empathy and disrespectful towards a child is beyond my comprehension. Parents who participate in MGM are guilty of child abuse.

      1. Greg Allan

        I’m sorry but anybody who believes removing healthy tissue from any organism will leave it less likely to become infected is living in cloud cuckoo land.

  10. Richard Elliott

    Hi ‘William’
    I’ve just started to read The Empathy Gap and I’d like to thank you for writing it. The sense of relief that I feel that someone has gone to all the painstaking effort this work must have taken and yet managed to deliver measured facts without resorting to the angst and bitterness that makes many books within the MHRA cannon unpalatable is palpable. It is beautifully, concisely and thoughtfully written.
    After a 20 yrs career in health social care, criminal justice and local government, and without even yet finishing the first chapter, I feel compelled to buy another 20 copies and send it to the head of every department and CEO of every NGO I have ever worked for – not the throwing pearls before swine ever did much good. I am also relieved that I now have a book that I can not only use for ready reference, but can highly recommend to anyone else interested in the phenomenon you so thoroughly analyse.
    Thank you so much, and let’s hope your work plays a big part in curing the cancer of contemporary feminist thoery and the ensuing damage it does.

    1. William Collins Post author

      Many thanks for your kind words, Richard – and good to hear from you again. Please don’t put yourself too much out of pockets buying copies of the book, though I much appreciate the sentiment.

  11. Toby

    FYI Some of your pdf and other links in earlier articles such are now broken. Eg:

    These are still findable on though. Can you save pdfs on a stable site or link to

    1. William Collins Post author

      Yes, I know. If there are specific ones you want let me know, I probably have them locally.

  12. Rees Jones

    I notice the deranged foaming at the mouth feminists have got their claws into the tragic and horrifying Sarah Everard case. Demanding men change every aspect of their behaviour and demanding societal change. Where are they when hundreds of men are dying on the streets from stab wounds?

    1. Totally Baffled

      Yes, there are actually many instances of Infanticide but none of it is ever discussed in main stream media. It’s always men.

      Imagine a campaign to stop mothers killing their babies. It would never happen even though this happens more with birth mothers and/or new partners than birth fathers.

      1. William Collins Post author

        To be pedantic, infanticide is always committed by the mother, because it is defined as the homicide of a child under 1 by its mother. If a man killed a child under 1 it would not be infanticide. Strictly, infanticide is homicide, but I strongly suspect most infanticides do not find their way onto the homicide database. Infanticide is never prosecuted now – the very purpose of defining the offence of infanticide was, and is, to act as mitigation. Occasionally an initial charge of murder gets knocked down to infanticide. Perhaps about 1 or 2 cases per year. But, even on conviction, there is never a custodial sentence.

  13. Steve Moxon

    Hi William
    I’m lobbying the Work & Pensions Select Committee and the Social Security Advisory Committee about clear serious sex discimintion in how benefits have been uprated as part of COVID-19 measures.
    — I’m a Jobseekers’ Allowance recipient miself, and I only found out from the Chancellor’s speech yesterday that Universal Credit recipients have been given a £20 per week uplift since April, but JSA and other ‘legacy’ claimants have not, leaving me comparatively £500 out of pocket. See below why this is clear sex discrimination …
    October 6, 2020
    Re the DWP failure to uprate legacy benefits as for Universal Credit (COVID measures).
    Clear serious sex discrimination.
    Dear Stephen Timms & all W&P SC members: Shaun Bailey, Neil Coyle, Nigel Mills, Ben Spencer, Desmond Swayne, Debbie Abrahams, Siobhan Baille, Steve McCabe, Selaine Saxby & Chris Stevens
    To aid your lobbying of the DWP on the question of unfairness in COVID benefits uprating, I here set out the sex discrimination angle.
    As a Jobseekers’ Allowance (JSA) claimant (until I switched to UC yesterday after the Chancellor’s statement revealing the discrepancy in benefits uprating), I will be making a formal sex discrimination complaint to the DWP.
    The rationale behind the COVID uprating of benefits is to address the situation of those in receipt of out-of-work benefits who are deemed ready for work and are required to actively seek and be available for work, yet are obstructed from acquiring work by the government’s own COVID-19 measures.
    This supposedly applies to all those on Universal Credit, and hence the uprating of all UC recipients, despite many categories of UC claimants corresponding to legacy benefit claimant groups who are not required to have contact with the labour market.
    Actually, the main focus of uprating should be on those legacy benefit claimant groups who ARE required to have contact with the labour market, and as a result are subsisting on rock-bottom payment levels to incentivise finding work (unlike those on other legacy benefits),
    Particular targets for help surely must be those who are in the worst financial position of all: those on the legacy benefits of Jobseekers’ Allowance and the small sub-group of ESA recipients in the Work Related Activity Group (WRAG). These individuals are long-term benefits recipients and have been given no financial help above rock-bottom benefit payments of £74 per week.
    It would not be costly to restrict extending uprating to these legacy claimants, as they make up but a small fraction of legacy benefit recipients.
    There is clear and legal onus on the DWP to do this, given that not to do so is serious sex discrimination.
    On the latest DWP figures I can find, JSA recipients are 62.6% male and only 37.4% female, contrasting with Universal Credit claimants, who, currently, are only 44% male and 56% female.
    So TWICE as many JSA claimants are male, yet males are a minority of UC claimants.
    Consequently, restricting uprating to UC and excluding JSA is clear, serious sex discrimination, which is unlawful.
    A ‘gender’ breakdown of the WRAG group of ESA legacy claimants is apparently unavailable (at least to DWP sources available to the public), but given well-known sex differentials in susceptibility to health conditions and the general nature of legacy benefit groups, then if anything there will be a still greater disparity between the sexes in the male direction, with likely more than twice as many males as females in the WRAG category.
    I will, therefore, politely call on the DWP to rectify the current sex-discriminatory position by uprating (and backdating the uprating) the payment levels to legacy benefit claimants, though specifically only to JSA and WRAG claimants — to match that afforded UC recipients. In this way, the principal unfairness of restricting uprating to Universal Credit is addressed at the very same time as keeping well down the additional cost of the measure — to a small fraction of the £20 billion that the DWP understandably pointed out would be unaffordable.
    Yours sincerely
    Steven P Moxon

    1. William Collins Post author

      It comes to me – comments are moderated. Though I stop extremely few and am particularly pleased to accept comments from feminists as I find they condemn themselves so very effectively. I only block the very occassional comment that is so intemperate that it might risk having the site closed down (there are those who would be delighted).

  14. AJ

    Do you know when the detailed breakdown of A level results will be available?

    I can forsee two major problems that could occur given that grades are being based on teachers predicted grades and intra pupil rankings adjusted by statistical models based on the schools historic performance.

    The first is that the models will not include sex as a factor if this is not included then girls whose performance tends to be over estimated by teachers will get a major boost relative to boys who will be downgraded. This would be the clearest possible evidence of widespread systematic discrimination against boys.

    The second issue that could occur is that the models do include sex and as a result girls marks and rankings are downgraded more than boys. Once this is observed there will be claims the process is sexist and for girls to be treated better which will then take us back to the first problem.

    Clearly exams are the proper solution to this issue but given the decision to base grades on teachers predictions there will be severe issues.

    On the BBC web site it says that 42% of grades in wales were downgraded from predictions and quoted Sarah, the head of a sixth-form in west London, who called radio station LBC to say she was “disgusted” after finding her entire A-level biology class had been downgraded by two grades and that on one medical course, nine pupils who were predicted a C have been downgraded to a U.

    To me this suggets huge grade inflation by teachers and in teh cas eof Sarah and complete detachment from the reality of her schools performance compared to their assesments of performance.

    There is going to be a lot of trouble ahead and I think the outcome will be a further disadvantaging of boys but also exceptional pupils in poorly performing schools. I would like to analyse the data or better see your analysis of it. There is a potential for enormous biases.

    I have an interest in this as my typical shcool reports in all subjects but paticularily science and maths were exam result: 1 (top) class work : F (fail). Some teachers were paticularily obtuse or even vindictive I was even predicted to fail my maths O-level which may seem reasonable but I scored close to 100% on the mock exam answering every question rather than just thos erequired because of boredom. The following year got through a few rounds of the maths olympiad uniquely as far as I know in my comprehensive over many years and with no coaching. I used to do the maths homework for several other pupils who always got excellant marks but my own marks were always poor and I often received detentions from the (female) maths teacher. This was back in the 70s and it became irrelevant when I took my A levels and Cambridge entrance exam but all of these routes to bypass teacher bias are being denied.

    I could go on about the clear bias against boys even in those years, being caned for writing a pro-euthenasia essay that made a female teacher cry, being punished for being a boy because a girl had been punished and thd teacher thought some boys had been misbehaving and therefore the boys should be punished as well. The thing was at the end of the day if I took an exam and passed it none of that mattered. That backstop or safeguard has now been removed.

    1. William Collins Post author

      Now posted. Note that I link to some older pieces about teacher bias which it sounds like you’d be interested in. It would be of interest to analyse the stats on some specific subjects.

  15. Young


    You wouldn’t happen by any chance to have read F. Roger Devlin’s work, Sexual Utopia in Power? It remains one of the most insightful works on clarifying the biological differences between the sexes and how radical change (back to normality) is required to even have significant birth rates.

  16. Cody

    Aww such an amazing creature! The most fragile thing in the universe! Observe, the male ego in an online forum: its natural habitat.

    Oh no! It sees us! Annnd now its crying…

      1. William Collins Post author

        Yes, I thought the same thing. I get very few feminist comments on this site – no, I don’t block them, there are just very few (I don’t think they have the attention span for my stuff). But it would be hilarious how well they display their own lack of self-knowledge, if it wasn’t so horrible.

        1. John Devalle

          Hi William, I’m glad you don’t ban feminists, as debate should be between those of different opinions. But its been my experience that most feminists don’t want hear from those who question feminism and I’ve been banned from several feminist sites and groups. Most recent was Geena Davis’s site, See Jane. With the Wonder Woman sequel coming soon they had an article praising the first WW film as a triumph for gender equality. I commented that I couldn’t see how a film with a plot that saw WW and the Amazons slaughtering men, and only men, served gender equality. Especially as the evil Dr Poison, whose female, is spared by WW. Result? I was immediately banned.

      2. Alex Stewart

        I’m just reading the most excellent Dr Warren Farrell’s ‘The Boy Crisis’ and must say it’s a near-perfect match to the list above.
        Highly recommended reading – but still to get to the conclusion and solution part to this REAL existential catastrophe.
        PS Email subscription link still not working – looks like you need a secretary?

    1. Jack Heynes

      Cody, please come back when you can speak like an adult, this is a place for the discussion of serious topics

    2. Doug

      Mocking men for being fragile or crying is regressive, reinforces traditional gender roles and suggests that “weakness” is the preserve of women which in turn reinforces the ideal of a system of patricrachy. Is that what you want?

    3. Ms. Andry


      Yes, such an irredeemably stupid creature! The most inane object in the multiverse! Observe the infantilized feminist ego triggered out of its “safe space” and trolling on an online forum — trying hard to sound intelligent: the one quality unnatural to it.

      Yikes! Its triggered! The brat is throwing fit…

    4. Neal

      No cause for alarm folks, that was just one of the UN-financed online Bots. Clearly an older mark 1 version from the sound of it. Not very life-like and easy to spot.

      They’ve started adding real skin and a (very slightly) less whiny voice to the MK 2s, which makes them a little harder to identify, but still easy enough.

      The bad news is that they are now exploring a new AUI (Artifical Un-Intellegence) technology for the upcoming Mk 3s. This will make them essentially indistinguishable from real Feminists.

      The giveaway was in the name.

  17. Roger Cockett

    The Subscribe tab says : “Subscribe function is currently suspended for technical reasons.” I’ve pressed all the other buttons. So I do wonder how I can register. Unless this is registering? Maybe I am too logical?

  18. Vemund


    I like your webpage, a lot of important information here. I’m a men’s rights activist working in MannsForum in Norway with 700 members. Could you consider give me an interview on email? Anonym is also an option; I think our members would like to hear your opinion on things we are working with. Please send me a mail if interested, Vemund.

  19. Nat

    Happy Fathers Day to all the dads who have had their children stolen by Cafcass, family court, social services and mothers who weaponise their children. I think of all the men who were murdered in war to create this system and all those who have ended their lives because of it. I’m not going to say stay strong or look after yourself or any similar platitude cos bollocks. But stay angry. Its the only way this will ever change.

  20. Lars

    Males are not as prized as females right down to the most fundamental cellular level. Why is it females get paid huge sums of dollars for donating their eggs to IVF clinics, but men are expected to give their sperm for free? A single female can have a child through IVF here in Australia, but a single male can not have offspring.

  21. Lars

    All my working life I have had attacks by one, two, three, four or five female work colleagues hoping to completely wipe me out of the work place, never the guys, always little gangs of young females, to the point now I have asked my extremely good female boss, never, ever to be partnered with a female coworker, and she fully agrees because her own husband went through something similar to me. Segregation please, asap.

  22. Lars

    I work in hospitals and know women can get herceptin to treat their breast cancer but men tell me they can not get these drugs for theirs, nor for testicular or prostate cancer.

  23. MR G Hays

    I am so happy I found this website, and that someone is actually qualified to look into these issues, has experience in fighting for them, and is recording them.
    In contrast, the feminist activist lobby has tens (even hundreds?) of thousands of feminist activists that graduate every year in the west, all being brainwashed (and I use that term carefully) into becoming ideal intersectional feminists, who can launder activisim as impartial research, having been given the keys to the printing presses of “knowledge” in universities:

    This is a good summary incase you missed it:

    In fact, in all my searching, this (.. and people like Murray Strauss) is the only research I’ve found that is in any way supportive of men’s issues, and only because these feminist policies happen to kill women.

    I know of many feminist policies that in practice harm men and women alike (and men and women grievously harmed)… and almost the entirety of the rest of feminist policies that just harm men.. and children. Helping women is incidental by this point, which is something we’re all for anyway, and should be with children and men, but bad luck, that bit’s unfashionable. The main one I’ve seen is the removal of presumption of innocence for men accused by women, default benefits to accuser, and impunity when making false allegations, which is a godsend – 1. for genuine victims that can make a claim once or twice in their lives 2. for abusers, who can make claims whenever and however often they find is convenient, which I’d guess is a heck of a lot more often. I’d love to see data on the real ratio of these two that feminist driven legislation has given rise to. I even know of men that use it against innocent women (with presumably less inherent support? but do it anyway to at least e.g. skip court), along with a man given a caution against his wife and female abuser because he put his hand on her shoulder in genuine concern that her continuing emotional terrorism would kill his close to suicide son, just as his mother’s killed his sister. She called the police – mandatory arrest despite her trying to stop them .. “she only wanted the police to scare him”, i.e. her bouncers took it too far, and there was the single time he ever toughed her in anger (no harder than a handshake) against her decades of verbal and emotional abuse and control. CPS prosecuted by default because the complainant was a woman. He admitted guilt with no further information given and given a caution. She remains scot-free.

    Anyway, sorry for the rant bit, but the discrediting of feminist academia, solidly with the “grievance studies affair” should be a watershed moment for them. Time will tell, I suspect they will find ways to make it water off a ducks back as usual, but it’s still a rock solid credible defence against the most harmful, and most denigrating of men’s issues parts, and gives new credibility to criticism of this radical tribal movement.

    All the best.

    1. William Collins Post author

      Indeed not. But that ad you link to is just a marketing ploy, bidding for women’s pension investment money. They get women on board first in the usual manner by telling them the nasty menz are diddling them again – then lower down they claim that their company gives a better return for women than men.

    1. Mike Chaffin

      Also a thoroughly incompetent youtube channel loosely connected to said blog with one of my mates…

      Chaffers and Bray ( youtube)

      Our policy is to keep all mistakes in with no edits and to upload and be damned, hence apologies if it’s not very polished. 🙂

  24. Altprop

    It would be interesting to apply the rule of fraud investigation. Namely, to follow the money. Count and measure the benefits women obtain, from false allegations for example. For starters, there is the free legal aid provided in divorce cases, for women only. Then there is the child custody thing, which is actually a ruse to get the house. Which, for most middle class families, means the bulk of their shared assets. Now there are suggestions to further incentivise the accusers by adopting the New Zealand model of allowing female ‘survivors’ of domestic abuse to have time off work. I don’t even mention biased court judgements and the plethora of benefits women obtain by soliciting the sympathy of social services, court officials, officers of the law, peer groups, journalists, government officials, and on and on.
    This amounts to the industrial scale systemic incentivisation of family fraud.

    1. Mike gibbs

      Yes, and men are ok with it all as evidenced by their near total apathy and disregard for those facts. I’ll never understand why men just don’t give a shit about What’s left of their rights-

  25. Ian

    Great site. Are you aware that it is currently blocked by Virgin Media’s Child Safe filter? I’ve protested to them on your behalf but you might want to get on to them directly.

  26. Mike Chaffin

    Excellent site! Though the subscribe function didn’t seem to work.

    Few things I’d add… Bias in the media, especially the BBC. People argue endlessly over whether it leans left or right, the answer is that it leans horizontally towards feminism. Well maybe except old sadly departed Top Gear. And all funded by tax effectively.

    Bias in the use of public finances. The foreign aid budget, for instance, is merely a slush fund for feminist causes around the world.

    Could make a case for the EU being a feminist organisation too… Though it’s a can or worms.

    It isn’t just the family courts that are biassed against men, Social Workers are effectively indoctrinated in feminism during their ‘education’. You want to really tangle with the sisterhood, this is where you hit. Make sure you have no kids or relationship for them to destroy though. If you do, you’ll lose.

    A few thoughts on marketing Red pillism in general….

    Best way I’ve thought of is to use women. Basically whether you a mirror cracking troll or not sign up for several of the popular dating sites like POF and Tinder. Doesn’t take long however consider exaggerating your height, academic qualifications and career if asked. Also clearly state on the bio that you are MGTOW or Red Pill. Also that no feminists are welcome. Oh and never answer your mail.

    Then borrow your mates, particularly if they aren’t trolls. Or rather photos of your mates, rinse repeat. You’ll never need to check them, though logging in every once in a blue moon can be amusing.

    Particularly effective for 36-45 sort of age range but you can use old photos if not and will give the impression that the spread of MGTOW and red pill is more extensive than it actually is. Women talk, and want to up marry. Hence it doesn’t take many profiles viewed before they’re nattering in the hairdressers about why the better catches are all going their own way / hostile / piggish etc.

    It also happens to be rather amusing.

    Best marketing though is the Red Pill movie. Nag and cajole friends and foes alike to watch it. It’s £3.50 to rent on Amazon so offer to buy someone a pint in reward for watching it. Every feminist cured is worth several blokes pilled, so don’t miss out the lasses.

    If you have a local MP who is a self declared feminist then find something to complain about. DV shelters, local amenities that favour women, anything. The more unfair or out of the remit of an MP the better. Letters to the local press blaming the bias of the MP, and mentioning that you joined the MRM because of it.

    Join internet forums, the bigger the better, and start discussion threads about red pill or mgtow. Yes even agony aunt style crap. Think.. ‘I’m MGTOW but my gf of 10 years was just evicted from her place and needs somewhere to stay for a few days else she’s got nowhere to go’. Feel free to reply ‘Don’t do it bro’ under a different user name…

    On political issues you can and should blame feminism for everything. For instance Rotherham, Telford etc wouldn’t have happened without feminism. It was second wave feminists who championed mass immigration, feminists whose political correctness theory of social change prevented all those poor girls from being protected, and most importantly the feminist social workers who failed to protect them. This needs to be called out.

    Oh the tizzy that feminists get into over this is mind bendingly brilliant. Happens to be true too.

    Any issue can be turned into an anti-feminist one though. If you live anywhere near the coast complain that you are a fisherman, and that the feminists in charge want to discriminate against a male industry. And you’ve joined the MRM because of it.

    If you work in HR or a call centre then complain that all the managers are female and that it is sex discrimination. They generally are. Oh and you’ve joined the MRM because of it.

    You get the idea.

    On a more local level go for a pint to your local pubs and ask the barman / manager whether it would be ok to hold a Men’s Rights group in their pub once a month. They’ll never say no as it means people buying beer. He won’t know that there aren’t any other MRAs in the area, though once he’s chatted to a few of the locals, who’ve mentioned it to some others, there probably will be.

    Also read up on relational aggression, and call it out whenever you see it.

    Most of all though be loud and proud. The best advert for any political movement is the people within it. Being a closet activist really isn’t particularly useful. All politics is local and that means persuading people. That means they need to know what you are and what you stand for. Mugs at work, car stickers, badges or tie pins and t-shirts are all permanently visible. Conversation starters.

        1. Mike Chaffin

          If we set up a think tank would you be willing to join William?

          Idea is to generate some flak and publicity, maybe even a central repository for MRA articles or research. Show some organisation rather than disparate blogs and suchlike which google appears to ignore in the main.

  27. Groan

    This is the latest report of the EHRC in its campaign against the Welfare trimming embarked upon following the UK’s financial crash. The section of the full report on Gender is interesting as it reveals the sort “sleight of hand” used by such organisations to “prove” women are discriminated against. It begins with an analysis of the child related and other household benefits using a not unreasonable notion that benefits paid to two parents for them and their children should be divided 50/50 as a “rule of thumb”. However despite the obvious influence on such calculations of female led single parent families this actually gives some less than resounding figures of women’s discrimination.
    So in order to produce such “women have it worse” they then go onto a more convoluted set of figures supposedly reflecting that tax credits will go to the main earner, still mainly men, and so use that as the measure. As if the man will simply not spend the money on the family or share it with his partner (this despite the fact that expenditure in families is 70/80% controlled by the mother.
    I thought those with a statistical bent would like to see the crooked working. Absent of course from the “Executive Summary”

  28. Jonathan Skeet

    Sorry – I tried to subscribe using the subscribe button but it won’t work. There doesn’t seem to be another contact button, so am left with only option of trying this way, on the comments page.

  29. Jon Carroll

    I don’t know if you’ve covered it, but what about men’s continence health?
    I suffered a Transverse Myelitus about 25 years ago (think “Polio”; I lost everything from the hips-down for a year, then made some partial recovery) and one of the most lasting and distressing parts of my condition is my bladder incontinence. There used to be an absorbent ‘pouch’ style urinary product available on the NHS, but as I came to re-order last year I was told that our local health authority had randomly dropped them from their product line. All the remaining products are based on the ‘panty-liner’ design, not a pouch.
    When I remonstrated with the upper echelons of the organisation, I found it full of wimin who just arbitrarily told me that they’d changed policy and to just deal with it.
    Now, men’s mechanicals are very different from women’s, especially when you consider other elements of design and function. Additionally, I’m spastic in the areas affected, so ‘things’ don’t lie where you place them. However, as a ‘minority service user’ and unrepresented in their management, my needs have fallen by the wayside and the service is now no longer fit for use.
    What can I do?
    I’m housebound without these products.
    I’m only 50.
    Yours dispairinglly

  30. littlefrog


    Dress codes, that’s quite a strange point to make…I find women’s clothing flimsy, impractical and generally made for style over substance. Cropped jumpers (so your middle gets cold), jumpers with 3/4 sleeves, everything without pockets, skinny jeans that hurt your belly etc. Men always look so warm and comfortable! I’d also like to know why a man can go topless on a hot day but not women. We definitely need equality when it comes to dress codes!

    1. Thoughtcrime

      Littlefrog, I doubt you’d find many men in Western countries who would object to women going topless. It’s your puritanical sisters obsessed with suppressing male sexuality you need to worry about .

  31. Godfrey

    Hi William,
    Looking with interest at ‘GCSE Results 2017’ and I note that your excellent site has been attacked.
    On the home page, there is horizontal bar with clickable links: ‘Home’, ‘Introduction to the disadvantages faced by men and boys’ and ‘UK Education: a summary’. Clicking on ‘UK Education: a summary’ leads to the a lot of nonsense about buying drugs online. The nonsense material is formatted in typeface & spacing identical to what you use on the real website, so it took me a number of seconds to notice that this alien material was nonsense.

    1. William Collins Post author

      Many thanks for letting me know – I hadn’t noticed. Unfortunately I had to delete that page to get rid of the garbage. I’ll put it back up from the original text when I have a moment. Thanks again. Worrying.

      1. Hensunsan

        I was just redirected to a pharmacy advert when I found your page on suffrage via google. Maybe I’m just paranoid, but…

  32. littlefrog

    Is it just me or is there no actual conflict between men’s rights movements and feminism? Feminism is a fight for equality not a fight against men, so men’s issues are women’s issues and deserve as much consideration. As a woman and a feminist I’d stand behind this movement 100%. Perhaps it’s time to let go of all the isms and schisms and just focus on our shared humanity.

    The majority of political and financial power is in the hands of men but that doesn’t mean that it benefits the majority of men (in Western countries) at an individual level. They face discrimination and disadvantages in many ways too. Men exploit women sexually far more though and there are enormous global industries in violent and degrading porn, prostitution and sexual slavery where men are almost exclusively perpetrators. Men rarely recognise the harm that these cause so the men of this movement must be ready to turn a critical eye on themselves too before flicking on the porn channel.

    Men have been willing to give up privileges and listen to women’s concerns and we must do the same. Failure to do this may unleash something very ugly. They are our husbands, brothers, fathers, lovers, and sons, not our oppressors and captors. They deserve respect, compassion and equality.

    1. Jonathan Bibby

      You’re right, there is no conflict between feminism and MRM, there is however friction to say the least between Radical feminists and the MRM who constantly label it as a misogynistic hate group who beat their wives and condone rape. Most if not all advocates of MRM I have seen acknowledge/ empathize with female issues, however, I have seen the vast majority of feminists preaching equality glaze over male issues as they are unimportant. Ideally as you said, we would have a single humanity trying to remedy gender imbalances on both sides but at least this is a start.

    2. Thoughtcrime

      I agree with some of what you say, but the statement that “Feminism is a fight for equality” is at best naive. As the name suggests, feminism is about promoting the interests of women. There may be instances where feminism results in equality but on the whole it is the relentless pursuit of female privilege. Its logical conclusion is female supremacy. It is incompatible with equality.

      Porn and prostitution both involve transactions in which money is exchanged for sexual gratification. Men are the predominant but not exclusive consumers in either case. The number of women consuming porn and buying sex is significant and increasing. To suggest that “men are almost exclusively perpetrators” is simply an attempt at glossing over the role of women as consumers in both industries. Let’s also not forget the central role women have traditionally played, and continue to play, as ‘madams’ in brothels.

      The portrayal of porn and prostitution as inherently exploitative of women is also naïve at best. Who is exploiting whom, the party choosing to trade money for sex or the party choosing to trade sex for money? The answer is that both parties are responsible for commodifying sex, and each can be guilty of exploiting the other. Sure, some women choose to enter prostitution out of financial desperation or addiction, but many do it to fund an extravagant lifestyle. Just as sexual slavery is real, exploitative and degrading, so are other forms of slavery.

      Sexual slavery exists because the market for sex is lucrative, driven by a demand that far exceeds supply (as a woman, why do you think that is so?). Other forms of slavery, such as sweat shops and indentured agricultural labour, exist because they are also profitable. You criticise men for consuming sexual services but conveniently forget about the women buying ‘fast fashion’ from countries such as Bangladesh where many workers in the garment industry are treated no better than slaves (why behold you the mote that is in your brother’s eye, but consider not the beam that is in your own eye?).

      You are right that women need to reciprocate by giving up privileges and listening to men’s concerns, but I doubt you will find many women, let alone feminists, who will agree with you. The uncomfortable truth is that your average woman feels entitled to privilege, even if the price of that privilege is turning a blind eye to their own individual and collective hypocrisy.

    3. Nick Child

      The point you make about feminism – standing for gender equality yet somehow presuming that means always taking men down – was what led a couple of us (who were mainly involved in understanding family separation and family law) to set up a weblog on equalism. We make no pretension to great expertise in that field.

      The core idea was to name – and define more clearly than anyone seemed to have done – the positive value inside all the dozens of inequality -isms. The website is:

  33. TruthTeller

    OMG there are a whole long list of things women lose out on against men:

    1) women are paid 79% less than men for the same job.
    2) you say that women spend more than men whoever earns it but you are forgetting that a huge amount of women’s spending is on the children that they produced together!
    3) fewer women work in government, media, as executives, in technology…
    4) women do more housework than men
    5) female products are more expensive than male versions
    6) women are way more human trafficked than men
    7) high-school sports are male-dominated
    8) retired women are double likely to live in poverty
    9) all women are far more likely to live in poverty
    10) lack of sanitation has worse effects on females than males
    11) females in 3rd world countries are the ones sent on dangerous journeys to fetch water
    12) gender inequality is prevalent in 3rd world and developing countries
    13) as child bearers women’s careers are detrimentally effected despite equality laws
    14) women lose their children in the patriarchal family court system to abusive ex partners
    15) one in four women will be a victim of sexual assault in her lifetime
    16) women are treated less favourably and overlooked at work (also sexually harassed)
    17) women are far more likely to be deemed as anxious or neurotic parents than men, also false allegations of MSBP/FII

    Loads more.

    1. Tim E

      TruthTeller, is that really the best you could come up with? I reckon I’d get more sense from an automatic teller, but here goes:
      1) “women are paid 79% less than men for the same job”. Utter nonsense. If you’re talking about the ‘gender pay gap’, that’s been thoroughly debunked. Where have you been hiding?
      2) Ever noticed the proportion of retail space devoted exclusively to women?
      3) In my country (Australia) more women than men work in government. Anyway, what is your point? Sounds like you’re trying to blame men for women’s life choices.
      4) According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Men and women in Australia do equal amounts of total paid and unpaid work (measured in time, not effort or outcome mind). Are you suggesting that men should do a disproportionate amount of work?
      5) A rational person would respond by buying the male version of the product. Sounds like you’re blaming men for women’s irrationality.
      6) I wonder if that’s actually true if you look at all forms of slavery, including bonded labour.
      7) Nearly all sport is segregated by sex so how exactly is it male-dominated? Sounds like you’re trying to blame boys for being more active than girls. Perhaps the girls could try getting off their fat arses – they might actually save the taxpayer some money later in life.
      8) So what? Sounds like you’re trying to blame men for women’s life choices. If you habitually spend more money than you earn, you’re likely to retire in poverty.
      9) Essentially the same point as 8)
      10) I’m not sure what “effects” you’re referring to. Fat women in particular can have pretty awful BO but then so do some men. Perhaps women could take more responsibility for sanitation instead of expecting men to do everything for them.
      11) There are many far more dangerous occupations than fetching water, nearly all of them performed by men. In any case, I expect you only have to walk a few metres to a tap to get yours, so how is your point even relevant to this article?
      12) Again, how is this point relevant to an article about the institutionalised discrimination against men and boys in a first world country?
      13) Sounds like you’re trying to blame men for women’s life choices. In case you hadn’t noticed, there are enough people in the world already.
      14) Don’t be ridiculous.
      15) *Bullshit statistic alert*. I thought you were a truth teller.
      16) Some women, sure, but as a group certainly not. Ever heard of ‘affirmative action’? Sounds like you’re trying to blame men for women’s life choices.
      17) Maybe it’s because women are more anxious and neurotic parents. That’s certainly my experience.

        1. Tim E

          Why do I need to ask you kindly for your opinion? Most people provide theirs for free. Is your opinion really that valuable? Wow, I’m so utterly devastated that you don’t agree with me. You’ll have to excuse me for not having a vagina.

    2. GYOW


      1) women are paid 79% less than men for the same job.


      If that were the case, employers would hire only males — why pay a man the going rate, when one could pay a woman “79% less” (sic) for the same work?

      You illustrate the empathy gap perfectly — no empathy whatsoever for men, but instead just a pack of lies to garner (yet more) pity for women. You belong to the privileged gender, yet still want more privilege. Reasoning with you or trying to appeal to your conscience is a waste of time.

  34. Lawrence Newman

    Do you have a source for the claim about 500k African boys being maimed or killed in the last 8 yrs? Mgm is always maiming, mind you.

      1. Lawrence Newman

        Thanks. It was bad enough before but without regulation unethical capitalists will exploit it and make matters worse.

  35. Andrew

    pps sorry for bad translation from russian

    If there are more boys in your family, than girls, but in other families, for example, there are girls only,
    then why your children should serve and be cannon fodder, what is their guilty? The fact that they were born the wrong gender?
    Have you invested in them less effort, money and love, than parents of girls? Think about your children’s children, as if they, too, will be boys? If, in some countries, for women quotas are introduced in parliament, then they should have quotas in squads involved in a military combat.
    Why do men agree to be lower than women, has it been been seen in the history, that the man should have fewer rights and more responsibilities? It used to be quite the opposite, for example,the penalty for killing a woman was twice less than for killing a men. If some men think that women are
    more important than them, then they should serve in the army in the first place.

    It is believed, that in the past, women were the property of men. Property can not fight, so in those days women didn’t serve in the army. Today, men and women have equal rights – and rightly so, and therefore the man should no longer protect women as their property, and the woman should protect herself
    as a complete person equal to man. Actively fought women of such nations as the Celts and Sarmatians, the Scythians, the Nordic Valkyries also did not arise out of nowhere. And Cimmerian, from whom came the Slavs, their woman could not marry until they bring the enemy’s head. But the women who fought,
    had the same rights, so in the history there always has been a direct link between the military duty of citizens and civil rights.

    Of course, not every country has the military conflict, but there are countries where such conflicts may arise. Even in calm countries where forced recruitment is not planned, there are still discriminatory laws, giving privileges to women in recruitment matters. The question arises – why do they exist? Yes, then, that in emergency situations to make man meat. And if you, gentlemens, dont want to become meat, you need to protect your rights today, and not when it is too late, and there will be no time to change something. In the wild nature, for example, in most species, males and females live
    equally and have equal rights, responsibilities and survival, and the distribution of people like cattle, when most males go for slaughter – is manifestly fascist.

    Imagine if in an army served only women, do you think they would have suffered, or demanded equal rights and responsibilities with men? The worst thing is not that men are discriminated and are forced to become meat on the basis of sex, but that they do not even require the equal treatment of both sexes. They do not realize that childbirth is just a job, which is much easier and safer than, for example, the work of a miner, and for the work no one should receive an exemption from the military service or any special privileges other than monetary rewards. Yes, childbirth, sometimes is painful, but no one is exempted from military service, from those who have passed, for example, through a painful reception at the dentist.

    After all, the main burden of child raising are, again, in the men. While women work for childcare is usually not as hard. But most men are working hard,earning money for the children. Do not forget, that women who do not have children, or are infertile, or even those who claim that they did not ever
    think about childbirth – childfree – also dont have to serve in the army. Is that normal?

    Even if we imagine, that discrimination on basis of sex may be economically beneficial to the country, as, for example, once, slavery was profitable, it does not mean that such discrimination is permitted. Neither slavery nor conscription of men to the army, in the absence of conscription for women
    can not be justified by any economic or demographic benefits, because above all this, there are human rights. In addition, conscription of women equally with men, most likely, will improve the country’s economic and demographic indicators. Therefore, any rights of men must be greatly expanded, and we are not talking about the benefits of plots or free transport tickets, or women should be deprived of many rights and are endowed with additional responsibilities, or women should be drafted into the army.

    The scale of the threat to Israel, North Korea or Norway is not as great as for our country, but even there, women are encouraged to join the army. In Georgia, too, there was introduced a bill on compulsory military service for women. In some places such practice has already been applied, that men
    and women live in the same barracks, and are washed in the same bath, so there is no need for additional infrastructure for a women conscription. Naturally, the appeal of women should not be sham, as it happens in some armies of the world, when they only shift the papers, and then receive military
    pensions and apartments, and a woman should be fully participating in the military combat.

    Women are conscripted into the Kurdish militia, where they account for 30% of participants, and after a month’s course of study their effectiveness is not inferior to men in battle. According to the latest research and the experience of fitness trainers, muscles of women often grow even faster than that of men, and, as a result of physical activity during pregnancy, childbirth, then, passes even better. The reproductive cycle of women, although it may be suffering from stress, but even women who passed the concentration camps or the Second World War combats, in the majority, then successfully gave birth.It is believed also that psychologically women are more stable and more executive than men.

    When women are deprived of their duty to marry and have children, then men are not deprived of their duty to serve in the army. Women did very tricky – they have equal rights, but forgot about equal responsibilities. We must understand that equal rights mean equal responsibilities. It is because
    responsibilities restrict rights, and thus make them unequal. Society should not be considered as two separate gender or sex. Society is one unit, and if some people can give birth, it does not mean that they should have more rights and fewer responsibilities than those who can not. If women take equal
    part in the elections, so they influence to the policy of the state, then they must carry equal responsibility on the battlefield, if this policy, for example, led to war. Just because of the equal rights and opportunities for women leaving abroad, demographics is suffering, but equal rights is correct, only with equal responsibilities and therefore men and women have on an equal basis to serve in the army.

    It is unclear why the men are compulsory drafted, but not women. After all, there are enough man volunteers and contract military serving in the army. It means that the male half of the population does so much more to the Army than women. Therefore, primarily woman should be compulsory drafted.
    Lack of conscription or military draft for women is not positive discrimination, because those men who serve in the place of women are discriminated. If, for example, some citizens are physically stronger or better able to fight, it does not mean that they should forcibly, for free, to work in mines for those citizens, who are physically weaker, or die for them on the battlefield. Stronger citizens are not worse than the weaker, and all citizens are equal under the constitution. Some people say that the conscription of women into an army is hate of woman. So, if some citizens say that only man should be conscripted into an army – isn’t it hate of men? Why women do not serve even the alternative community service?

    To not affect a demography, it is possible to conscript women after 30 years old for active participation in military combat, and the father of their children can stay at home for childcare, and the children can be fed with a special child food. It is sufficient to note that many women do not breastfeed, so their breast doesn’t not lose shape. Demographics can be encouraged by the fact, that women who have not given birth to two children under 25 years, can be conscripted to participate in military combat, not at 30 years old, but at 25. By the way, father’s right to education of the child should be the same as mother’s,
    because the genetic code of a child is by half father’s. And younger woman can be consсrited to protect the safer parts of the front, as well as for logistics and engineering.

    To prevent pregnancy, women can set special spiral, use of oral contraceptives, and in case of failure – the woman herself is responsible, and her pregnancy is regarded as a negligent attitude to military service, and shall be punished by imprisonment accordingly. However, if a pregnant
    woman can continue to perform combat missions, the punishment for her can be canceled. There are examples of women who engaged in kickboxing at nines month of pregnancy, and it didn’t not harm the baby. The combat vest can be replaced by larger, because the soldiers who have additional weight and have belly can serve too, and special combat jackets for pregnant women could be bought. In the case of the death of a pregnant soldier, the number of population of the country may suffer a bit, but in the peacetime women use contraception and make millions of abortions, and they do not see any
    problems with it.

    1. fef

      “There are examples of women who engaged in kickboxing at nines month of pregnancy, and it didn’t not harm the baby.”
      Rare cases. In most countries there are even laws prohibiting women to work even in an office when they’re near 9 months (it varies from nation to nation) because it could prejudice her or the baby. If some women are resistant at the point they can do martial arts while 9-month pregnant, congratulations to them. Because most are not.

      “To prevent pregnancy, women can set special spiral, use of oral contraceptives, and in case of failure – the woman herself is responsible, and her pregnancy is regarded as a negligent attitude to military service, and shall be punished by imprisonment accordingly.”

      Pregnancy in military service is an accident. It’s like saying “oh you broke your arm by accident, you shouldn’t have tried to do [this], now you’ll go to jail”. And contraceptives are not 100% safe and do some really bad things with hormones. It’s like I saying to you you’re going to jail for impregnating a civilian while in military service. By an ethic pillar, if she could “just avoid pregnancy by not making sex at all”, you should also be forbidden to fuck.

  36. Groan

    This is an interactive site just published by the Gov. One can quickly find the “pay gap” for different occupations. So for instance Psychologists the gap is 9% in favour of women much higher for midwives (no surprise there) similar gaps for women in Podiatry and other health professions. Readers may be interested to see their industry or do their own comparisons. If nothing else (as in the case for Midwives) it demonstrates the daftness of the figures of “gap”.

  37. Pingback: Letter from an MP | mra-uk

  38. MGTOW-man

    The dress code. Women are nearly free to wear what they want to work. Even in professional environments, women get to wear more comfortable, airy, colorful and “fun” clothing while men must wear drab-colored suits and neck ties that stiffen and choke them all day. If a man dared to show up to work in “modified” tank tops like a lot of women do, we all know what would happen to those men. If suits are required, both men and women should be required to wear them, else relax the rules for men’s attire. Women can show up with their breasts practically hanging out and considered professional and/or suitable, but let a man show up with his top shirt button open and he is “flashing his chest…hating and hurting women.”

    Equality must mean equal dress codes.

    1. Deecosis

      As a former Design technology Teacher the dress code issue was always baffling to me. I had to insist that girls with long hair tied their hair up before working with machinery as they could get cough and scalped. But when I addressed the risk of male students and staff being at risk due to their ties and been pulled in by a slip knot around their throats, and asked if we could take off ties in the classroom. The answer was “That’s the dress code, just move the tie out the way.”

      I had to weld, braze, hammer, saw and drill in a full suit where the female art teachers came in wearing flipflops vest tops floaty skirts and giant hoop ear rings.

    1. Andrew Derbyshire


      I have done the same. It appears that it just doesn’t confirm that you have subscribed. Your email will disappear and you should have received an email to confirm you have subscribed intentionally or are not a robot.

  39. Kris Gray

    I forgot to mention.
    Men are constantly being dumbed down on TV shows, they are either stupid and constantly being pushs around by women i.e ‘Scott and Bailey’ being a prime culprit, or bullies i.e Phil Mitchell, although the list is endless. So girls grow up thinking it’s all right to control the lives of men because they are all b******* anyway. Woman are constantly shown as being the boss, especially cop shows, no wonder our young men are failing at school, what do they have to look forward too? Either doing the dirty/tough jobs women can’t or won’t or to be cannon fodder for the next war.
    Who’d be a boy these days?

  40. Kris Gray

    All very well complaining, I agree with all points on this site, but what are we doing about it? Let’s face it, it was men who brought in all these rules and regulations to favour women over men, can we really complain? So, what are we going to do about it?

  41. Douglas

    You list ‘There is no gender pay gap for people under 40 years old” but this is mis-stated. An absolutely exact average earnings between the sexes is highly unlikely: there is almost certainly goig to be some difference. (Average annual earning, before tax, is the only basis for ‘pay gap’, regardless of hours worked, usefulness of education, years in service, commute distance or any other metric which would obviously be needed to really understand if there might be discrimination.)

    So the statement should be ‘There is a gender pay gap for people under 40 years old which ‘discriminates’ against men.’

    While you point out that it is women who spend most of the money, whoever earns it, you omit to point out that average INCOME (totalling earned and un-earned) is greater for women than men.

  42. Partridge

    Male-only organisations have systematically been obliged to accept females, whilst the reverse is not true.

    The Scouting movement, for example. Golf clubs, and so on. However, while they may be obliged to accept females, they are not obliged to accept feminists.

    I look forward to the day when it is widely recognised that feminism is a man-hating totalitarian ideology based on false history and lies. It just needs one organisation, either within academia or in wider society, to have the guts to stand up to these feminist bullies.

    When the tide eventually turns, they will be swept away.

  43. Dave Brown

    Hello. I am doing research on Domestic Violence protection orders.

    In AVFM article that you wrote, you claim that police can kick you from you home for 29 days? My impression from the governemtn website is the lengh of time is 48 hours. The way the government sites word it is confusing.

    Can you update me on current DVPO laws please?

  44. Meinaime

    This page links to RedPillUK, but I’m forbidden access.

    (Thanks for all the work on I think I’ve read the lot.)

        1. William Collins Post author

          I watched your film yesterday, as it happens. I am happy to recommend it to others, . It is a realistic portrayal of how the family courts operate & how PA arises. I would like to do a post on the stats on PA, though getting hold of such data is notoriously difficult, not least due to the family courts operating in secret and accountable to no one. If I manage such a post, I’ll link to your film again.

  45. Meinaime

    I would add the failure of family courts to respect pre-nups. (I’m 58 and living off my savings. I dare not share my house with a woman as I cannot afford to risk losing half my money.)

  46. Eubie

    This is a nice, crisply written list. I would make a small suggestion: the jobs men work that women don’t want often are referred to as ‘dirty, difficult, and/or dangerous,’ thus allowing for the phrase ‘3D jobs,’ a more easily remembered and referenced short-hand term.

  47. PeterPan

    really good list, might

    – car
    insurance is lower for woman (as woman do not claim insurance as often as man
    does, woman have less accidents) This is gender bias and segregation, yet

    health care contribution to privet or public health system is the same even
    when woman exercise 70%! More visits to doctors then man do and this exclude
    pregnancy visits!

    – It’s
    perfectly acceptable for woman to have numerous Business awards exclusive to
    their gender but man’s awards are inclusive to woman otherwise are considered

    – woman
    initiatives to start business and even study are exclusive just to woman and
    there are no initiatives to help already struggling boys and man in education
    and businesses in similar capacity as woman enjoy.

    – No
    government body to represent man issues in similar capacity as Office for Woman
    for over 40 decades!

    lower test for some occupations for woman only but not for obese or mentally
    incapacitated man

    – sex
    discriminatory laws at work places are disadvantage man, woman who can’t
    perform the jobs at the same levels as man is are given to, to avoid law
    suites! (i.e.;.. manger positions in banks, tire retreat company in Sydney had
    to employ tiny young woman to do hard physically demanding job (some man had
    been denied this online position!). The manager had lost his job who had denied
    her the position, then next one as the production had suffered due to her not
    being able to keep up with the speed of the line and other worked had do assist
    her doing her task not just theirs! Soon after she had left hers job as it was too
    hard. How many men need it to pay for her misguided aspirations? Who had payed
    for her consequences? The man, I can provide more information if needed.

    – Retirement
    age difference and as mentioned before man’s lives shorter after retirement,
    hence the benefit to support woman is greater than man.

    drugging boys at school to inhabit and control theirs behaviour! Removal of
    school physical activities, not running, severe punishment including
    suspensions from schools for playing innocent guns/war games. This further disadvantages boys and is
    directly linked to future study’s drop out!
    Competition which is part of growing as a boy is weeded out in place of
    cooperation and majority consensus. (See how this had worked out for bunch woman
    placed on island!? A TV show similar to survivors)

    Media betrayal of a man and
    boys in TV, adds as “slow” etc…

    I finish here, it seems to
    me there is big plan to handicap boys and man just to achieve unfear advantages
    for woman, from healthcare, education to sentencing! On every level!


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