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11 thoughts on “The Victor Nealon Case

  1. M cheap nolvadex uk

    They had the necessary technology. Carefully considered procedures were already prepared, all they had to do was follow them.

    They are without excuse.

    It’s just …grotesque.

  2. AJ cheap nolvadex for sale

    The more cases like this I read the more I realise how low the bar for conviction is and how we are all at risk protected by good fortune rather than an effective system to prevent injustice.

    What seeems to be sufficient to be convicted is a lack of forensics, and a single witness against. Human memory is notoriously malleable and fallible so almost nothing at all.

    A common thread seems to be that the police set out to construct a case rather than investigate the crime. Things not helpful to the case are not investigated or disclosed. The goal appears to be, perhaps unsurprisingly, to gain a conviction not to find the truth. Priority seems to be given to surpressing anything embarassing to the police.

    This effect of this falls disproportionately on men. Is it worse for accusations of a sexual nature compared to other serious accusations? This shocking case suggetss not: buy cheap nolvadex uk

    1. William Collins Post authorcheap generic nolvadex

      Having read well over 100 cases now I can confirm that accusation = conviction appears to be the norm – though I am selecting only cases of false allegation to examine, so there is a selection bias operating. However, what is clear, is that if you are accused you – or a friend – must be prepared to prove your innocence, by seeking the evidence yourself if necessary. Unfortunately, you can’t do your own DNA tests on exhibits in police possession.

  3. Anne buy cheap nolvadex online

    Absolutely disgusting. This gentleman deserves 100.000s as compensation for the error the state commited. Not just to make good the injustice but to enable him a decent living standard and a fresh start in life. He should be able to catch up on all that he missed in those 17 years. No money in the world will get him his time back but at least it’s a start in the right direction

    1. paul parmenter buy nolvadex and proviron

      I understand the anger and frustration, because it is sadly true. This site is one of the very best I have ever found for highlighting the injustices of our society against the male sex. William is meticulous in investigating factual evidence and material. Yet his important exposures attract barely a handful of comments, and I assume therefore barely a bigger handful of readers. Yet comparatively worthless sites that merely parrot twitterish claptrap and perpetuate all kinds of silly or damaging stereotypes attract enormous interest and thousands of responses. It is as if the greater part of our population is held in a kind of mental and moral paralysis.

  4. Godfrey Sandford buy letrozole and nolvadex

    This case is beyond belief. Not only has an innocent man been wrongly imprisoned for 17 years, but he has was wrongly held in prison as a sex offender. Almost impossible to consider the years of cruel torture that Mr Nealon was obliged to endure from both the other prisoners and the prison wardens, since he was apparently a sex offender. His case ought to be a national scandal. This case is the reality of British Justice if you happen to be male in the wrong place and at the wrong time.

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