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5 thoughts on “The EHRC

  1. Groan where can i buy nolvadex forum

    Another excellent piece. The EHRC supposedly combined the previous commissions including that on Disability. Since the amalgamation the Disability issues raised are minimal. One cannot help but think this is connected with the fact that many of those issues affect men as much as women and indeed in younger age cohorts males are the majority of those with more severe disabilities (connected of course to injury at work and in sports etc. as well as servicemen). It is indeed startling that they have entered the Junior Doctors dispute as that is on behalf of the best paid profession in public funding. Backed by the BMA a group that hardly need any assistance ! On Gender pretty clearly the attainment and indeed “exclusion” data is so clearly gendered that the sheer numbers should prompt action.

  2. Paul best site to buy nolvadex

    Your diligence and persistence are a credit to you.

    This article highlights the bigotry and wilful ignorance that lie at the heart of third wave feminism. I do know that invoking Godwin’s Law is poor form, but if we substituted ‘Aryrans’ for ‘women’ in your extracts, what would be our response to the sentiments expressed?

    Revulsion, horror and condemnation. The real horror is the casual acceptance of prejudice, that we are so inured to misandry that we no longer notice it.

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