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Metabolicderangements and accumulation of ROS are features of carcinogenesis, supportingthe idea that many tumor suppressive effects of p53 can be mediated by regulationof metabolism and/or ROS

Metabolicderangements and accumulation of ROS are features of carcinogenesis, supportingthe idea that many tumor suppressive effects of p53 can be mediated by regulationof metabolism and/or ROS.

Metabolicevaluation of 94 patients 5 to 16 years after ileocecal pouch (mainz pouch 1) continenturinary diversion. (2010) AMP-activated proteinkinase-deficient mice are resistant to the metabolic effects of res-veratrol. Dofetilide, like amiodaronehas a neutral effect on mortality when used in patients withstructural heart disease and left ventricular dysfunction. ‘Mentally disordered’ criminal acts are notdirected towards obvious personal gain. (2007) Guidelines forthe early management of adults with ischemic stroke: a guide-line from the American heart association/American strokeassociation stroke council, clinical cardiology council, cardio-vascular radiology and intervention council, and the atheroscle-rotic peripheral vascular disease and quality of care outcomes inresearch interdisciplinary working groups: the american acad-emy of neurology affirms the value of this guideline as an edu-cational tool for neurologists.

Peripheral nerve involve-ment, neuropathic pain, and chronic acroparesthesiae, are frequent and early-onsetsigns revealing the disease [ 44]. Como-Williams continues, “It startedwith my ?rst marriage. Tight junctions between adjacentSertoli cells create two separate compartments within theseminiferous epithelium: a basal compartment below thetight junction and an adluminal compartment above the tightjunctions. Diabetes mellitusis a worldwide public health crisis and affects about 8.3% ofthe U.S.

Chi SW, Ayed A, Arrowsmith CH (1999) Solution structure of a conserved C-terminal domainof p73 with structural homology to the SAM domain. A comparisonwith the saturation of the arterial systemic blood allows the oxygen extraction ratio to becalculated. The smallbowel mesentery is located below the collapsed colonic segment( arrow). For well-nourished or mildly malnourished patients, common practice is to start PN after 10–14 daysof inadequate dietary intake.

Canman CE, Lim DS, Cimprich KA, Taya Y, Tamai K, Sakaguchi K et al (1998) Activation of theATM kinase by ionizing radiation and phosphorylation of p53. However, the results gen-erated by ecologic studies are highly limited and are consid-ered useful primarily for hypothesis generation but not forcausal inference

However, the results gen-erated by ecologic studies are highly limited and are consid-ered useful primarily for hypothesis generation but not forcausal inference. A term associated with this suffix is mam-moplasty.

That stage of disease iscalled cirrhosis of the liver, a serious, permanent condition. Asrich vascular network is festablished in the corpus luteum into which progesterone and estrogenllare secreted by the luteini cells

Asrich vascular network is festablished in the corpus luteum into which progesterone and estrogenllare secreted by the luteini cells. Conflicting results, however, have been shown inlater studies. The prevalence of delirium and dementia will increase as thegeneral population ages and patients live longer with cancer. If the blood pressurereading is too low for age, the cuff maybe too large. Ineach sample the number of cells taking up the dye was counted under a light microscope,using a Malassez chamber, and expressed as a percentage of the whole cell population presentin the culture well (i.e. Phonological complexity and language learn-ability. aureus (includingMRSA) and enterococci respond. A calibrationsound file (a complex tone generated by an elec-trolarynx) was played over the speaker via thecontrol system

A calibrationsound file (a complex tone generated by an elec-trolarynx) was played over the speaker via thecontrol system. The skin on the ears is smooth, withoutlesions, lumps, or nodules; color is consistent with that ofthe face

The skin on the ears is smooth, withoutlesions, lumps, or nodules; color is consistent with that ofthe face. A cross-over trial involved partic-ipants being randomized to a sequence of treatments.

Collaborative problems are equiva-lent in importance to nursing diagnoses but represent the inter-dependent or collaborative role of nursing. A semi-quantita-tive assessment of the bone marrow cellularity is determinedusing both the bone marrow aspirate and sections of the corebiopsy

A semi-quantita-tive assessment of the bone marrow cellularity is determinedusing both the bone marrow aspirate and sections of the corebiopsy.

Fears that arise with a cancerdiagnosis create a chronic state of uncertainty.

14 thoughts on “Rolf Harris v Women Sex Offenders

  1. where can i buy nolvadex online buy nolvadex canadian pharmacy

    Because Rolf Harris is completely innocent you don’t really have a need to balance your article about him.
    As for comparison to female sex offender sentencing, Rolfs sentence was in my opinion served to justify the failing Operation Yewtree.
    It got worse with Gary Glitter given 16 years for crimes very likely fabricated too. I never looked at the Gary Glitter trial so ‘very likely’ is all I can say.
    By the way, RH never denied meeting Tonya Lee, he said he didn’t remember meeting her. However her story is debunked on the website.

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  4. RevSpinnaker buy nolvadex capsules

    Really excellent article. I’ve been speaking out about child abuse for about 30 years now. I have met several people, men and women, who were molested by their mothers for years. Oprah’s mother was an isolationist malnurturer. She deliberately put her in harms way. Both her step siblings are dead from drugs. Yet somehow the only part of the story we get is that she was molested. Look at Elvis. It was known at the time that he slept with his mother until puberty. He was teased as being a “mama’s boy.” He died a lonely drug addict at 42.
    Women need to start holding each other accountable.

  5. disqus_QL05BqU79X where can i buy nolvadex in canada

    Excellent piece as always, William, but I do need to pick you up on something hugely important but little understood, primarily because this is so thorny an issue.

    Paedophilia is not an act. It is ONLY the target-age factor of a sexual orientation whereby the person suffers a primary attraction (even if mild) to prepubescent children. Hebephilia is an attraction to pubescents. Some scientists claim ephebophilia for teens over 15/16 to around 18/19, but this definition seems to be little used (most Western teens are biologically adult by this age, regardless of the UK state’s oddly-legislated age of sexual consent) and applied only for those who are attracted primarily to “late-teens” throughout their lives.

    The actual numeric ages of the targets within such definitions will vary and most minor-attracted people, whose traits will be apparent when the sufferer’s full sexual orientation develops (usually around age 14/15), never commit sexual offences on children. Most such statutory offences are committed by teens and adults substituting minors as surrogates for people of roughly their own age.

    Paedophilia itself is very rare, but is not a gender-specific trait. There’s no such thing as a gender-specific or gender-biased paraphilia. They just do not exist. HALF of paedophiles are female, not a fifth to a quarter. How much “child sex crime” is committed by females is another story.

    We’re not talking about paedophiles acting on lust (such a thing is immensely rare indeed) in most of the cases listed above, but mainly intergenerational sexual activity. This phenomenon is largely comprised of adult women having sex with teenaged males. No state agency or NGO has even an inkling about how much larger the swing is to female perpetration. Basically, crimes are committed mostly by people who can, and then get away with it. Ergo, most domestic abuse is committed by women, most rape is committed by women and most child sex is perpetrated by women. Women also make up the majority of child traffickers and it was women who produced the largest ever commercial glut of underage glamour-modelling photography around the turn of the millennium.

    Feminism is the OPPOSITE of the truth.

      1. disqus_QL05BqU79X where can i buy nolvadex tamoxifen citrate

        Thanks. We’re all aware of most of the gender-based lies stemming from decades of feminism, but this here is a dark subject and most people, even devout anti-feminists, will still veer toward an acceptance of men perpetrating most sex crime, regardless of the sex or age of the victim. It’s just not true. It’s time for hard science, along with an exposé of the lack of science, in the study of human sexuality. Pretty much EVERYTHING we are told about sex is garbage.

        Paedophilia, like any paraphilia, cannot be cured. It is our duty to start to look more carefully at young people bearing traits of severe attraction to children and HELP them. Because creating insane, misandric hysteria merely ensures that growing boys who come to realise “what they are” will be forced into silence and shame, knowing that any admission is likely to lead to torture, murder and life in prison. Some of these males will quite probably never be able to rationalise their issue and drift into lifestyles or careers that afford opportunities to abuse. A case hit the papers where I live just recently. A man (of very limited intelligence) had been grooming and abusing young boys and has been sent down for 15 years. All of that could have been prevented. Most of the people that knew him suspected his tendencies back when he was a teenager himself. How savage that people would rather allow mute propriety to become more important than human life. What scum. The same scum that are now calling for this simpleton’s butchery and his unwitting, horrified old parents’ house to be torched with them in it.

        On the flipside of the coin: because nobody ever suspects females of the same behaviour, they can (and do) abuse with near-total impunity, thus helping to create the next generation of confused, screwed-up sex criminals. Even women who admit that they’ve done wrong are largely absolved – if not legally, then socially – meaning they don’t really get the help they need.

        How we begin this process in a nation obsessed to the point of madness with sex crime is beyond me, however…

  6. AJ where can you buy nolvadex online

    I understand that the focus is disparities in sentencing and that this make comparisons much easier but the danger is that the focus on sentencing alone obscures the magnitude of the difference in teh teratement of male and female offenders.

    The chance of a sex offence committed by a women against a man being reported is I am sure lower then for a man. I like the author have been groped by women. In one case aged 15 in a busy street by several middle aged women. I found uncomfortable and slightly scary because I did not know how to react. If I had been a women there would be context within which I could understand what happened and complain. In the context of a man there was and is no such context. In the context of my life as a whole it is irrelevant, for example I had to tell my father he was shortly going to die. This was very hard, andin life as adult we will have to handle veyr hard situations, compared to this it was the mildest of unpleasant experiences. It was hower a much more serious offence than that which Dave Lee travis was convicted and jailed for committing. Society does not encourage men to report such things and the most likely reaction to such a report would be to mock the man who made it.

    The chance of the authourities investigating and prosecuting a women committing an offence against a man or boy is I am sure much lower although I have no way of quantifying it or substantiating this.

    The chance of being found guilty of a man are I am also sure much higher. The trial process cannot be perfect and there is no gold standard againts which courts performance can be measured. This is wh there is a presumption of innocence and why the jury must be sure of guilt before conviction but in several high profile cases against men the presumption seems the other way. In the case of Ched Evans all the available evidence was in his favour yet he was still found guilty and he had a defence team that I am sure would be unaffordable to all but a small proportion of the male population.

    The discriminatory effect of each stage multiples with the previous stages so the disproportionate ratio of offences against women versus men being reported is multiplied by the ratio of offences investigated, by the ratio of prosecutions, by the ratio of those found guilty before sentencing is even possible. The cumulative effect is enormous and I am sure has a very damaging effect on society in severla ways.

    Men are scared to be placed in positions of responsibility of children. This can be seen in the lack of male teachers but also in voluntary socities. I am a member of one that refuses to accept children members for this reason. When I was young every adult saw it as their responsibility to discipline or at least admonish any child they saw misbehaving and we as children were paid special attention to adult men and were careful not to misbehave around them. This healthy ‘shared parenting’ has been lost.

    There is a lot of evidence that a high proportion of male child abusers were themselves abused when young. That female abuse of children all but invisible is an avenue to reduce child abuse which is being ignored.

    As far as minor offences go then I think society should treat men as women are currently treated. I was physically assaulted on a number of occasions by groups of strangers when I was a young man simply because I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. The attitude communicate to me, I am sure correctly, was that I should get on with life. This apparently callous response meant I did not become fearful or constrained in my later life. It was accepted as something that just happened if you were a young man. It is much more unpleasant to be kicked on the ground by 10 or 15 youths than to be groped yet the sexist focus and anxiety about any sort of assault on women, despite it being much less frequent than aganst men, means that women’s lifes become unnecessarily constrained by their own fear.

    As far as major offences go then I think women should be treated as men, not just because of the damage caused to the victims but because the victims may themselves become perpetrators later.

  7. Lifesabotch buy hcg clomid nolvadex

    A masterpiece of erudition. It’s a great honour to be on the same side as you William. I look forward to campaigning with you as we move ahead down the road to equal rights and justice for men.

  8. Alan buy clomid and nolvadex online

    Women who sexually abuse our children – why aren’t ALL child sex
    abusers being prosecuted?

    OPEN LETTER to Sir Stephen House, QPM, Chief Constable of Police Scotland
    January 2014

    Dear Sir,

    Sadly,I find it necessary to address this Open Letter to you only after my
    own MP has written to you directly and repeatedly over an eight month
    period, by asking for action on Child Sex Abuse.

    Despite these representations, neither a meaningful response nor action have
    been forthcoming.

    Our concern is that despite senior officers of Police Scotland formally
    claiming that all child sex abuse reports are taken “very
    seriously indeed”, the facts don’t support this assertion.

    As an example, with respect to one incident, Police Scotland and
    yourself were made aware of a formal report in January 2013, and a
    formal complaint made in March 2013, yet despite evidence including a
    viable formal Witness Statement and Expert Psychological support
    documentation, the female suspect has been neither questioned nor

    This is clearly not an isolated incident. Research findings by prestigious
    child protection organisations such as NSPCC/Childline/The Lucy
    Faithfull Foundation/Kidscape, together with findings reported in
    numerous academic journals, confirm
    that in between 5 – 20% of all occurrences of child sex abuse, the
    abusers are women. (1)

    In a paper published in 1984,
    Petrovich & Templer reported that 59% of incarcerated (male)
    rapists had been sexually abused when they were children, by one or
    more women.

    Anecdotal evidence suggests that these research conclusions are accurate, and
    that the criminal justice system treats women who sexually abuse
    children very leniently compared with men who sexually abuse

    This is entirely consistent with my own research and personal experience.

    Within the past reported twelve months, it’s been confirmed that in my
    local policing area alone that there were NO instances of women been
    convicted of any of the 27 possible categories of sexual abuse of children.
    In the same area, over the same period, 78 men were convicted of such

    The political party Justice for men & boys (and the women who love them)
    is legit is taking an increasing interest in the topic of women committing
    sexual abuse of children, and the reluctance of the police to
    prosecute them. (2)

    My recent Freedom of Information requests (FOI 2013-1171 &
    2013-1447) via Police Scotland for statistics and data across all
    Scottish regions, and nationally, over three years, also confirms
    that convictions of female perpetrators of child sex abuse are

    Not only is this a possible infringement of the Scottish Equality Act
    2010, it’s also inconsistent with the public claim that Police
    Scotland take all child sex abuse offences “very seriously indeed”.


    Bibliography of Female Child Sex Abusers

    (2) reviews

    and Address Supplied

  9. Alan buy nolvadex with credit card

    Female Child Sex abusers have been ignored (or indeed supported) by Police and CPS for far too long.
    I have personal experience of my children being sexually abused by a female and can confirm that attempting to gain justice for them against a feminist-inspired State is daunting.

    1. disqus_QL05BqU79X buy nolvadex post cycle therapy

      Indeed. Scorn a female abuser and you’re liable to have the case flipped on you.

      There is no justice here; only a judiciary. It’s fully corporate and wholly treasonous. Only holding criminals in the judiciary to account under Common Law jurisdiction can make a dent. And yes, I do advocate the hanging of judges.

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