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Lamentably, The Red Pill has not been shortlisted for an Academy Award. 145 documentaries qualified for consideration, but TRP was not one of the 15 chosen. Cassie Jaye writes,

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  1. Malcolm James

    I wonder how the short-list is decided on. With 145 entries, this will presumably be in the region of 200-250 hours solid viewing, which is far too much for any one person, certainly in the time between the closing date and the announcement of the short-list. Maybe someone can enlighten us whether it is likely that the jury have watched the film, or at least a significant part thereof.

  2. Groan

    I have enjoyed her youtube pieces. I certainly hope the Red Pill gets a wide audience. I certainly hope its Director gets recognition to continue her work. To me her story is all the more powerful because she isn’t a “convert” and not a MRA. Simply someone open to investigating different views and calling out censorship. In a way that shows up the protestors even more.

  3. numbCruncher

    I guarantee that when this film becomes available for download Cassie Jaye will become a megastar – and probably a millionaire – overnight.

    Feminists have spent decades gaining control over the media so they can control the narrative and suppress films like this.

    The internet makes all that work irrelevant, and any attempt to suppress films like this futile. I will be downloading it via iTunes or Amazon the second it becomes available, and I hope Cassie Jaye gets very rich.

  4. Clay

    Apparently, the world is not ready for the truth. There is way too much money to be stolen by continuing the feminist lies.
    And this continues on because we allow it-

  5. Steven

    There is one thing I can guarantee; what ever documentary wins the Academy Award, it will not be a patch on The Red Pill.

  6. Erin Pizzey

    I am not surprised that TRP did not get chosen for an award because those of us who work in the field forget just how controversial this film is and Cassie is right an establishment institution will not give an award to an incendiary film and risk the controversy however the fantastic news is that TRP will now be available world wide and that is the best news that Cassie has given us for Christmas. May everyone everywhere have a peaceful Christmas and a special prayer for those of you who are without your children.

    1. Groan

      Couldn’t let this opportunity . May I say what an inspiration you have been right from the days you were in the news with the early Refuge’s. God bless you.


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