The Empathy Gap (the book): Ordering

People in the UK who ordered from Amazon at the original price of £19.95 have been receiving notifications from Amazon that they will not be fulfilling the order.

The reason for Amazon withdrawing delivery of The Empathy Gap at the original price of £19.95 is that they have decided there is too little profit margin in it for them. This is also the reason why the delivery time was originally so terrible (1 to 2 months). 

However, for UK residents, Mike Buchanan can order it for you at the original price (£19.95) direct from the printer. Please email him at stating your address for delivery. Experience to-date is that the printer delivers within a week. This service will be available for a limited time only.

For people outside the UK, Mike may also be willing to order the book for you but there will be an additional charge for postage (email him for a quote).

Amazon is expected to start selling the book again soon but at a price close to £25. You can already order it from Book Depository via Amazon for £24.71. 

As of 10/8/19 Waterstones are still offering the book at the original price (19.95) and on a reasonable delivery time. I got mine from Waterstones in 8 days. However, they are likely to follow Amazon’s price hike shortly.

Apologies for this confusion.

10 thoughts on “The Empathy Gap (the book): Ordering

  1. Eamonn O'Leary

    Yesterday I picked up my copy, ordered from a local Waterstones shop where it still costs only £19.95. They said to allow two months delivery time due to it being print-on-demand, but it actually arrived in two weeks.

    I haven’t had a chance to read it yet, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this book was printed on good quality matt white paper and uses full colour charts and diagrams throughout.

    I also noticed that on Amazon UK at present (08/09/19) it has been ‘reduced’ by 20% from a RRP of £25.00 and so can now be yours in under a week for a mere…£19.95! Don’t you just love marketing?

    1. William Collins Post author

      My rrp is £19.95, but Amazon would not initially supply it at that price (other than with a ridiculous delivery, designed to put people off) because their profit margin was too small – so their price went up to around £25. It came as a surprise to me that they’d put the price down again – but I’m guessing it’s because Waterstones supply at £19.95 and deliver in about 8 days.

  2. Philip Griffiths

    Collected my copy from Waterstones yesterday. I think the book is scholarly contribution to the debate and a valuable source of hard data to refute frequently heard arguments. I can’t imagine how many hours of work must have gone into this book.
    I have written to the Guardian asking them to review it. I don’t imagine they will. If they do, can they avoid the usual cliches about fragile males, entrenched privilege and misogyny?

    1. William Collins Post author

      The book was written in almost exactly one year, though the preceding 5 years of blogging was a substantial springboard.

  3. Douglas

    I ordered a second copy from Waterstones five days ago (having lent my first copy out) and have just been informed it is now being dispatched. They are still selling the book for £19.95.

  4. Douglas

    I ordered from Waterstones and have my copy already.

    I can’t say I’ve managed to read it all yet, though!

  5. Michael Darby

    I ordered from Amazon and today they told me the bad news, so I have now ordered from Waterstones, fingers crossed. It must be said though, that by all accounts even at £24.71 the book is worth every penny.


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