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Men’s March and Conference, 19th November 2017

19th November 2017 is International Men’s Day. The UK site for IMD 2017 can be used to link to events and celebrations to mark what is becoming a more significant occasion every year. As in previous years, there will by a debate in Parliament on the issues facing men and boys.

Of particular note are the Men’s March and the Conference which will follow it.

The site for the Men’s March reads

Join us as we peacefully March For Men in London on International Men’s Day 2017.

Meet at 12 pm Sunday 19th November at Trafalgar Square. We will be marching past the Royal Courts of Justice and on to Parliament Square where we will be releasing purple balloons with messages about men and boys attached- purple is our colour theme so feel free to include it in your outfit for the day!

Whilst great strides have been made over the last 50 years to bring equality to women in the workplace and the home; issues that affect men and boys have been neglected. This march is both to celebrate the contribution men and boys make to society and family life and to remind the public that men and boys too deserve equality, in family law, criminal law, protection from harm and social standing.”

Do come – 90% of the battle is just turning up.

A major added attraction is the mini-Conference “Messages for Men” which will follow. Tickets can be acquired here. Starting at 3:00 pm and ending at 8:00 pm, the Conference will be held at a venue near Leicester Square following the march from Trafalgar Square. A dozen speakers are lined up to talk…

Brief bios of the speakers – should you need them (where have you been?) – are on the Conference web page.

Very brief (<1 minute) videos from the speakers giving an introductory Message for Men are as follows,

(or all 10 which have been recorded here).

Be there.