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The Empathy Gap (the book): Ordering

People in the UK who ordered from Amazon at the original price of £19.95 have been receiving notifications from Amazon that they will not be fulfilling the order.

The reason for Amazon withdrawing delivery of The Empathy Gap at the original price of £19.95 is that they have decided there is too little profit margin in it for them. This is also the reason why the delivery time was originally so terrible (1 to 2 months). 

However, for UK residents, Mike Buchanan can order it for you at the original price (£19.95) direct from the printer. Please email him at stating your address for delivery. Experience to-date is that the printer delivers within a week. This service will be available for a limited time only.

For people outside the UK, Mike may also be willing to order the book for you but there will be an additional charge for postage (email him for a quote).

Amazon is expected to start selling the book again soon but at a price close to £25. You can already order it from Book Depository via Amazon for £24.71. 

As of 10/8/19 Waterstones are still offering the book at the original price (19.95) and on a reasonable delivery time. I got mine from Waterstones in 8 days. However, they are likely to follow Amazon’s price hike shortly.

Apologies for this confusion.