Good One, Dave

David Cameron

 The following is a leaked memo, apparently from number 11 Downing Street to number 10.

Dearest Dave,

Good one, mate! I refer, of course, to the gender pay gap malarkey.

About time someone gave the ladies a kick up the bum.

Good wheeze making out it’s about being nice to the wimmins. Not exactly original. Obama got there first, but sound politicking, Dave.

Utter disgrace the way these women shirk their duty re: filling the national coffers. 28% contribution to income tax, ladies? It really won’t do.

Honestly, it’s about time these malingerers were dealt with. They have the nerve to claim they have important stuff to do at home, or something? Pah! House work? Child minding? Give me strength!

Get a cleaner, ladies. Send the kids to a nursery. Then out you go to work yourself. Bingo – three more lots of income tax, Nat Ins, etc. Lovely, lovely.

Yep, winkle them out of their homes, Davey boy, go for it.

I can’t believe you conned Harpie Harperson into supporting my jolly old Welfare Reform Bill on the strength of that gender pay gap fluff. Poor old dear must be losing it. It’s a win-win for us.

Incredible, though, isn’t it? Our side wouldn’t have had the chutzpah to con the wimmins into believing toil is liberation, wage slavery is freedom, etc etc. The sillies have conned themselves. And the best bit is they’re so sure they’re striking blows against the nasty patriarchy. He he, lol, rofl, and all that. I can’t believe we’ve got away with this for 50 years.

Can’t continue, can it? I think there’s some blokes getting wind of it. Might be trouble ahead.

Luv & kisses,

Georgie Boy.

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