I recently compiled summaries of some of the male disadvantages for another purpose. I thought I might as well post them here for general consumption. There will be little new in them for regular readers of this blog, but they have the advantage of being succinct summaries and sets of source references.

The three links on education topics form the subject of my recent talk on the YT channel OnRecord.

3 thoughts on “Summaries

  1. Groan

    Exellent Resources. I hope they will be brought to the attention of the MPs on the APPG. It never hurts to repeat. Possibly the wisest input I had in management was that a crucial skill is to say the same things over and over again, in as many different ways as possible. I have also found graphs very powerful.

  2. familycoalition
    …. the writing is on the wall with this one.

    …. and … killing our children softly,

    “The case is being brought by ‘The Safer Schools Campaign’ through ‘Fight for the Fatherless in Action’. The campaign consists of over 150 families from across the UK, that have had children seriously harmed or killed, many having lost children to suicide as a consequence of alleged bullying, physical and sexual violence in schools. The claim and criminal allegation, is that some of these harms and deaths are potentially as a result of deliberate actions and failures of Gavin Williamson but also Government and specifically the Department for Education (DfE) over a number of years.”

    1. Douglas

      I’ve had a quick scan of the case Decision. Even with some disbelief in parts, such as para 26, I fail to see what your point might be, and how it relates to this post by William Collins.

      I see a case where – at a scan – a parent with custody attacked and wounded the parent without custody, in the presence of one of their children. Such a parent needs to be kept at a distance from the mother, the child, and even from society.

      Could you make it clearer how this relates to this site or post?


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