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23 thoughts on “The Empathy Gap

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    I prefer to avoid the term ‘gynocentrism’ because there is a widely held view regarding the origin of gynocentrism with which I disagree. This is the view that gynocentrism originated around 800 years ago with the dawn of chivalry and courtly love. I shall refer to this as the ‘historical’ view of gynocentrism. My hypothesis is that the empathy gap is actually evolutionary in origin.

    You’ve misrepresented that post and website (I assume accidentally) regarding the origins of gynocentrism. The proposition at is rather that gynocentrism is biological and very ancient in our species but that there have been varied cultural manifestations expressing that biological impulse in novel ways – through different customs, taboos and social conventions.

    One of those manifestations is what I call a “cultural complex” built of feudalistic concepts, chivalry, and courtly love which had it’s beginning approximately 800 years ago. Said differently *that* manifestation of gynocentrism began 800 years ago…. but I’m not suggesting gynocentrism didn’t exist before that or that gynocentrism is not biologically based.

    It appears you have not read the website in much depth before writing your above piece, or you might have read the following which state there’s a biological reality to gynocentrism:

    Gynocentrism 1:0, 2:0, and 3:0
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    Definition of gynocentrism
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    There’s several other articles on the website pointing to the biological underpinnings of gynocentrism but I’ll spare the link spam.

    As I’ve done at, I can only recommend you ponder gynocentrism as both biological and cultural, instead of the ‘either/or’ approach you appear to have taken to culture and biology as determinants. What is actually going on between biology and culture (or environment) is a reciprocal feedback loop, one which creates a wide variety of behaviour from ere to era and culture to culture – eg. for example hypergamous behaviours by women might be encouraged in many cultures, whereas in others the same woman might be stoned to death – score zero for the selfish hypergamous gene and one for cultural dictates.

    A great book exploring how biology and culture interact and work on each other is this one by Joseph Henrich:
    The Secret of Our Success: How Culture Is Driving Human Evolution, Domesticating Our Species, and Making Us Smarter
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    Aside from that misrepresentation of my website, great article.


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  6. DollarPound buy nolvadex astrazeneca

    They taught me I was sexist, that women had it tough
    However much I bowed and scraped would never be enough
    And all the teachers in the school were women, and they taught
    That men would soon be obsolete – us boys would come to naught

    I tried to go to college, to get a science degree
    They gave a girl a special grant, but hadn’t none for me
    And when I asked if it was fair – was this equality?
    They called me a misogynist, and threw the book at me,

    So I started as a policeman; in raids, I went in fast
    Worked with a woman half my weight, who always went in last
    I was in line for sergeant, they said “you dinosaur,
    We’ve got a quota system now, we don’t need men no more”

    Yes, lookin’ down your nose at men who guard you while you sleep
    Is cheaper than the wage they’re paid, and that’s starvation cheap
    And talking of glass ceilings, with your quotas and your sneers,
    Is five time better business than puttin’ in the years

    And it’s “check your privilege” and “smash the patriarchy” too,
    But it’s “special grants for women” when the same applies to you
    The same applies to you, girls, the same applies to you
    And it’s special grants for women when the same applies to you

    I found the woman of my dreams, and asked her for her hand
    She stayed my wife for fifteen weeks, then gave me one demand
    She says the kid is mine, but he has different coloured skin
    I have to pay her half my wage, and the court won’t let me see him

    And it’s “women are oppressed” and “all this sexist treatment stinks”
    But it’s “women first” and “help her up” when the boat begins to sink
    The boat begins to sink girls, the boat begins to sink
    When it’s “women first” and “help her up”, the boat begins to sink

    And it’s “women suffer”, “women bleed”, “we want an equal wage”,
    But it’s “be a man” and “grow a pair” when a fire begins to rage
    A fire begins to rage girls, a fire begins to rage
    When it’s “be a man” and “grow a pair”, a fire begins to rage

    And it’s “Men are rapists”, “Men are scum”, and every rotten curse
    But it’s “Sexist pig, misogynist” when we say half as worse
    And it’s “Men are this” and “Men are that”, and anything you please
    And this man’s not your bloody fool – you bet that this man sees!

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  8. Fred Neecher best site to buy nolvadex

    “In the case of Homo sapiens, evolution has decided that it is beneficial for a man to form a long lasting partnership with a woman in raising children. Men have evolved to be happy to do just that because this is how they get to pass on their genes – by maximising the chance of their offspring surviving to maturity.”
    I think your logic is back to front here. It is because men have been happy to remain with their mate and children that their ‘caring’ genes have been passed on. The practice has worked so far – is all one can say about our “fitness”. Men need to do the same thing today, as (presumably) in the past, because it’s the only way of having any control over the source of fertility, and thus of descendants – not for the sake of genes, but for support in old age and the knowledge that the family/tribe will be sustained into the future. Evolution does not, after all, “decide” anything – it isn’t an agent, just a name for a long process.

    1. William Collins best place to buy liquid nolvadex

      Of course evolution does not literally “decide” anything. I was merely using anthropomorphic language as a shorthand for “under the prevailing ecological conditions those individuals who formed lasting pair bonds tended to raise progeny to maturity more frequently than those who did not”. Men evolved to be “happy” to form a pair bond because the psychological state of “happiness” is a correlate of the evolved behaviour. Evolution is driven by the behaviour, and “being happy” about it is what it feels like inside to be the product of such evolution. You are inclined to the evolved behaviour because you are happy to behave in that way, and you are happy to behave that way because you have evolved to be. The psychological state is the proximate cause of the behaviour, but evolution is the root cause of both the behaviour and the psychological state.

      1. Fred Neecher best place to buy nolvadex

        Ah, that’s much clearer. Sorry to appear pedantic, but I find anthropological language to be ubiquitous in all talk about evolution – so much so that I have to wonder how many people actually believe it in those terms. I don’t understand why evolution doesn’t get described as scientifically as, say, physical processes do.
        Sorry. Just my pet peeve.

  9. disqus_QL05BqU79X buy nolvadex bodybuilding

    Great stuff as always. Quick pick-up on this point: “This is the view that gynocentrism originated around 800 years ago with the dawn of chivalry and courtly love.”

    You’re right in that what we may now look back on as ‘chivalry,’ or deference to the female, is evolutionary (or just plain natural) but its social codification, systemisation and enforcement began 800 years ago. There’s a distinction there. Men will naturally serve and protect the female, but the dutiful role of the knights laid out back included killing men on the whims of a lady claiming peril or slight. It does then signify the birth of the modern police force, which can and does still kill men, directly and indirectly, for the supposed honour of even the worst women.

  10. Groan buy nolvadex online bodybuilding

    Interesting as I relax with some TV. A programme of the “300” found people of Herculaneum. Dying in 79 ad the story of the bodies shows the women children and old people huddled in the town’s boathouses and their men outside the shelters. And after I flick to the BBC news including a report on Nigeria and the awful plight of the many women and girls kidnapped and return to unwelcoming communities. Again in the report I was struck by pictures of a Boko haram attack; the ground littered with the dust covered bodies of teenage boys. Of course no comment at all the these are part of the 5000 “people” killed in the past year.
    Those contorted dust covered teenage boys bodies so disregarded and almost invisible in the report really symbolised the fundamental nature of the disposability of males.

    1. William Collins where can i buy nolvadex pct

      Indeed. One such picture of the charred bodies of the boys is here buy nolvadex pct uk. A few minutes ago the Chibok kidnappings featured again in a long piece on Radio 4’s Today programme, including a representative from the BringBackOurGirls campaign. There was also a long piece on the PM programme yesterday. Neither mentioned the wholesale slaughter of boys – and adult men, of course. One of the girls released by Boko Haram was interviewed. She said they had been given the choice to be a slave or to marry one of their captors. She chose the latter and had a son by him. Radio 4 told us that ‘marriage’ meant rape. But the interviewer asked her if she loved her ‘husband’. She said yes. Without doubt these girls have been treated abominably, and I expect many have died, but there appears to be a more nuanced picture here than is immediately apparent. For the boys, though, there is no nuance.

  11. John mws best place to buy nolvadex pct

    In regard to women being able to be resource independent, they do not even have to work, to be free of a man. Get a child and the state steps in. All men via taxes or child support(including via paternity fraud) helps pay for child focused welfare that follows the primary carer, which by law or practise massively favours the mother. Feminism has greatly exploited empathy for mothers, and heavily promoted the laws and practises to aid this, a massive factor in the rise of family break-ups. The fact that only the birth mother is automatically assumed by law to be a parent and legal guardian in the UK tells you all you need to know about the growing empathy gap.
    It is not a stretch to say “Father” is almost an obsolete word in a majority of childs’ lives, Fathers are rapidly being relegated to a named sperm donor with an 18 year child mortgage to pay. Men only have the right to control who has access to their sperm left. A recent free NHS sperm bank service for lesbian and single women that was a near total failure shows it can be done. MGTOW can only grow if that is all the feminists leave us to balance the gap.

  12. john buy nolvadex aus

    What is glossed over here is that humans are also animals subject to the laws of Mother Nature, who in her wisdom has declared the female of any species imminently more important to species survival than the male.

    Mother Nature, via DNA programing, endowed all females with the same priorities and in the same order. Herself first, her remaining eggs second, her existing offspring third, and there is no fourth. The industrial revolution and modern technology has freed the human female the from the need to pair bond to achieve her three DNA driven priorities.

    The modern woman does not shepherd her remaining eggs or go to extremes for the welfare of her existing progeny. This leaves only her first priority to be filled – herself. Modern women are narcissism run amok, as DNA tells them to do. It is all really rather simple.

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    William: excellent, thought-provoking, as always. The puzzle, to my mind, has always been to understand why such a fictitious faith, based so transparently on falsehoods, should have been found so compelling for so long to so many.
    The speculative answer to my mind (see The Great Terror in NMSW and my speech to Parity in Sexual Impolitics) is that the unprecedented introduction of infallible contraception gave rise to the possibility that pair-bonding traditions and conventions might cease to be relevant and that men might sexually go their own polygamous or promiscuous way. The feminist insistence on male stereotypes was a way of putting men back in their place.
    Why was this found to be compelling? I guess, maybe, because everybody was scared of an unknown future in which masculinity might be unbound.
    All best

    1. William Collins where can i buy nolvadex

      I broadly agree, though I would put the emphasis on ease of resource availability. The absence of pair bonding in primates, despite their offsprings’ long maturation, is made possible only by the ready availability of resource so that the mother can cope unaided. Thanks to technological and economic progress, and, of course, the pill, for the first time in history the 1960s permitted women, like female primates, to obtain their own resources (i.e., go out to work) without the assistance of the pair bond. So Homo sapiens could regress to the status of primates. As you note, this would raise the spectre of masses of rogue males. It may be that the feminist vilification of masculinity was a cold blooded stratagem to control said feral males, as you suggest. However, there is another side to my thesis. Just as the ancestral pair bond leaves a psychological imprint on men, so also must it affect women in complimentary manner. As well as the more familiar symptoms of entitlement, my guess is that it would leave women with a residual craving for protection – even when there is nothing to be protected from. But this subconscious need for protection would create a tension with the conscious espousal of the ‘strong independent woman’ persona. This would create a need to invent bogey men in order to provide a rationalisation of their fear. So we get toxic masculinity, rape culture, sexual harassment, and the absolute horror of being addressed by unknown men on the street. The craving for protection must needs have a matching monster.

      In short, the psychological impact of the breaking of the pair bond, on both men and women, has been ignored but, I suggest, is responsible for much of the mess.

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