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Istanbul Convention Ratified by UK

A cynic might suggest that Priti Patel wanted to get the Istanbul Convention (IC) signed-off quickly before she became at risk of losing her job under the new boss. But, to be fair, she said the ratification would be completed by end of July 2022 before Johnson resigned. And so, The United Kingdom ratifies the Istanbul Convention – Newsroom (

I have addressed the contents of the IC several times before on this site and will not regale you again; see Equality, European Style | The Illustrated Empathy Gap and Istanbul Convention: Approaching UK Ratification | The Illustrated Empathy Gap and Ratification of the Istanbul Convention | The Illustrated Empathy Gap. It was always inevitable that it would be ratified. The political process in the UK is entirely in thrall to feminism.

A letter from the Home Office, in my possession, addressing the concerns of an MP over ratifying the IC contains this statement,

“I would like to reassure you that my ministerial colleagues and I are satisfied that the Convention applies to male victims of these crimes as well as female ones”.

The basis of this “satisfaction” is obscure as the Convention contains almost no mention of men or boys in the context of victims, nor does any of the narrative surrounding it (such as IC Change – Istanbul Convention). The only mention of men as victims is the usual throw-away line,

“Recognising that domestic violence affects women disproportionately, and that men may also be victims of domestic violence”

However, that does not imply inclusion of men within the requirements of the Convention. The rest of its 25 pages gives a very emphatic indication to the contrary. 

“Boys” appear only in this para,

“Parties shall take the necessary measures to encourage all members of society, especially men and boys, to contribute actively to preventing all forms of violence covered by the scope of this Convention.” (i.e., violence against women and girls, my addition)

The IC presents as factual, as well as Government policy, the feminist perspective on history and on society in general, not just on matters relating to domestic abuse. It promotes a wild historical distortion which encourages grievance where none is necessary. It promotes a perspective on “gender” (sex) which is scientifically false. It promotes an aetiology of domestic abuse which has been repeatedly and definitively debunked.

The IC is part of a long-standing globalist power-play. It is deeply divisive. Divide and conquer is the MO in play, as it always was. The winners in this obscene game are not women but the elites. It’s their game.

The UK now becomes subject to examination and enforcement by a non-UK body (hence  outwith our democratic influence) called Grevio, GREVIO Secretariat presents Istanbul Convention as a tool to improve access to justice for women victims of violence – Newsroom (

The text of the IC can be found here for your delight & edification.