Gender Empathy Gap Day

I was, admittedly, caught out by this…but I think it’s incumbent upon me to post something as this (the 11th July) is Gender Empathy Gap Day. This day is but 4 years old and its German origin can be found here. An interview of Warren Farrell by MANNdat members to recognise the day – and the issue – this year can be found here.

3 thoughts on “Gender Empathy Gap Day

  1. Groan

    The Srebrenica massacre(11 July) followed a common “pattern” in “genocidal” or “ethnic cleansing” events for centuries. Males are killed off and the undefended females are brought into the dominant culture in various ways from marriage to slavery. In the eyes of the UN is the most “gender equal” because the “genicide” there was of males and the population is still reflecting a shortage of males and consequently women fulfilling many “Male roles”. The holocaust and some of the “political” mass killings of the 20th Century are unusual in killing all.
    The case of Bko Haram, referred to by Prof. Fiamengo, is one with many similar instances in the wars forming a necklace of conflict accross the African continent. The boys are simply killed or pressed as expendable slave soldiers or labourers. As we know from the attention given to “our girls” the females are married to Boko Haram men, a pattern repeated accross sub saharan Africa and familiar from history.
    Of course the slave soldiers or labourers simply become part of the “problem”, boosting the power of Bko Haram. While the chared bodiesxof the boys burned to death in their own schools are insufficiently human to attract empathy or sympathy.
    July 11th is an appropriate day to highlight the disposability of all males.


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