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I feel it is my civic duty to warn readers about the obnoxious publication illustrated above. Obviously I’ve not read it, but it will clearly be stuffed with fascist lies. One only has to look at the cast of contributing authors to know what misogynistic nastiness awaits within…

  • Neil Lyndon (editor)
  • Belinda Brown
  • William Collins
  • Edward Crabtree
  • Warren Farrell
  • Janice Fiamengo
  • Miles Growth
  • Kristal Garcia
  • Elizabeth Hobson
  • Catherine Kitsis
  • Vincent McGovern
  • Mallory Millett
  • Deepika Narayan
  • Natoya Raymond
  • Paul Nathanson
  • Tony Perry
  • David Shackleton
  • Karen Straughan
  • J. Steven Svoboda
  • John Waters

There is no surprise that a man like Lyndon, with his shady history, is associated with this farrago of scurrilous mendacity. But really, the nine women who have chosen to contribute to this vile project should have known better. Clearly there is an epidemic of internalised misogyny going on.

I am confident that my readers will not wish to participate in an exercise calculated to be a danger to women. So, on no account should you click on this link.

I’m told it’s very cheap – cheap trick, more like – do not let that encourage you to buy.

(Also, on no account make any friends, relations or colleagues aware of the book’s existence – thank you).

12 thoughts on “Warning: burn this ebook – Epiphanies

  1. paul parmenter

    Thanks for your warning. I will be sure to keep at least 2 metres away from this publication at all times, wear a blindfold while reading it to avoid contamination, and wash my brain after reading it to prevent myself from remembering any of it.

  2. Noel

    I wouldn’t have an Apple device even free of charge. I’ll have to go for the Kindle version. I wish it was a real book.

  3. David Eggins

    After all your dire warnings I decided to have a go and was horrified to see that the Kindle version cost a whole £2.89 , knowing that I’ll have to delete it after just reading a chapter or two that felt worthwhil;e for a bit of Lockdown light entertainment. On a lighter note we have now opened a “National Female Domestic abuser and perpetrator Helpline”. Since there are male victims there must be female abusers and in the interests of their children and Both Parents Matter it is only right that they are worthy of their own helpline etc. 01604 414034 and the website Mytemper.org.uk is coming along

  4. Max Anthony

    I am shocked and appalled beyond words at the fact that this book exists. So shocked and appalled beyond words in fact that I DEFINITELY DO NOT WANT TO KNOW if this shamelessly shameless pack of lies is planned to be made available in more formats than just the current K-K-Kindle Edition…

          1. Max Anthony

            Perfect. Excellent. Thank you for telling me!
            I can now go back to being shocked and appalled beyond words – words like “incensed”, “frenzied”, “frantic”, “fuming”… even “apoplectic” – but, again, beyond words. As they’re obviously tools of systemic oppression.

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