The Empathy Gap: The eBook Now Out

I’m pleased to announce that the eBook version of my book The Empathy Gap is now available across a number of eBook formats and from many outlets. Amazon UK’s Kindle version can be found here, and in the USA from here.

My RRP is £3.99. It is currently selling on Amazon UK at £4.32, and on Amazon USA for $5.99.

Mike Buchanan has put up an interview with me discussing the new edition, together with some indication of its functionality.

To see what has changed from the paperback, go to Amazon, click on “Look Inside” and read the new Preface. While you are there you can browse the first two chapters.

Some words of warning before I do the marketing thing. Most Kindles are monochrome and so will not get the most out of some of the Figures, which are often in colour. However, most Figures are still comprehensible in monchrome. More importantly, though, just get the Kindle app for your mobile or tablet or PC and see it in colour.

The main advantage of an eBook is the incorporation of hyperlinks. The (unusually extensive) Contents is hyperlinked to the relevant sections. The eBook has a completely rewritten Index, which is also hyperlinked into the relevant text section. The book has around one thousand external references. Almost all these are now hyperlinked to the internet, both from the References section at the end, but also when cited in the text.

Another warning here for people like me who have one of the early generations of Kindle reader: it may not support viewing external (internet) sites – or do so only sometimes. Newer versions I would hope will be OK, and the solution in any case is to use a mobile, tablet or PC. I find my mobile is better all round for reading Kindle books than my Kindle!

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