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The Red Pill is now available to all on DVD, Blu-Ray and Video-on-Demand. Contrary to expectation, TRP is not yet available on Netflix – see the appeal from Cassie Jaye at the end of this post. However, here are some of the  VOD platforms on which TRP is available right now…

iTunes US:

iTunes Canada:

iTunes UK:

iTunes Ireland:




4 thoughts on “The Red Pill Latest

    1. Groan

      Having seen it now I have to say both how interesting the content is and how engaging the idea of the director’s personal “journey” is. It is deeply ironic on IWD that an articulate, confident ,creative and determined woman director finally gets to publish her film widely having been frustrated and campaigned against by the very people that want us to applaud “strong” women. I hope Cassie Jaye gains recognition for her work.
      And I hope the Film gains wide viewing as it is at the very least a good introduction to the notion that there are different views than current “orthodoxy”.

  1. Brian Bradshaw

    This needs to be released in my twin island republic of Trinidad and Tobago.I
    I am a Men”s Issues Activist who has been deeply inspired by the pioneering work of Dr Warren Farrell and the men and women he has inspired.
    i am in the process of having my own talk show here in Trinidad and Tobago and it”s absolutely imoerative i get this movie as resource material.
    Academic feminists, Women’s rights organizations and many in the media here may want to oppose it being released here in Trinidad and Tobago.


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