Monthly Archives: February 2020

The Empathy Gap book on YouTube

A couple of announcements…

Firstly, I am trying an experiment. My book, The Empathy Gap, is currently available only as a hardcopy book (e.g., here for UK readers, or here for US readers). However, it isn’t cheap – especially for people in the US. Many people have asked if I intend to produce it as an ebook, and hence for a much reduced price. Unfortunately I don’t think the extensive use of graphs and Tables would work on a small ebook screen.

So, I thought I’d try an audio book approach, but on YouTube so the video function can be used to display the graphical material. This has the major advantage of being free. Also, many people might prefer this medium. As selected readings from the first and last chapters are already on my YouTube channel, I have started this exercise with chapter 2 (Education). This is the first chapter which presents substantive data and referencing.

I have split it into a 9 videos, based on individual sections within chapter 2. (Not 12 videos as I state, because I’ve put two sections into one video in some cases). This is the link to the playlist.

In the notes below each video there is a link to a downloadable Contents list for the whole book, to provide a means of navigating around the videos (which will become ever more necessary if I put the whole work up on video eventually). The notes also contain full references, including links.

This is an experiment to see if it is something that will attract sufficient interest to make the effort of recording the rest of the book worthwhile. So please give me some feedback (either via a comment here or a comment on the video) if you watch any of the videos.