Update on mhrm.uk

A previous post introduced the Wiki site mhrm.uk on men’s human rights issues. I said I’d advertise the expanding content of that site here from time time. Find below the topics currently addressed, in the form of links thereto.

I have as yet barely scratched the surface of the material I would wish ultimately to see included. The intention is that, being a Wiki, others will contribute to this endeavour in due course. The hope is that as a number of contributors become involved we can not only extend the content but tackle the daunting, and never-ending, task of keeping all the data up to date.


The UK Way of Death


Partner Abuse – UK Evidence

Partner Abuse – Worldwide Evidence

Other Domestic Abuse

The Work Gap

Gender Bias in the Criminal Justice System

Male Genital Mutilation

The Eradication of Fatherhood


Death in Wales

The Professions


1 thought on “Update on mhrm.uk

  1. cheannaich

    I had a browse through the site. I always shudder when the radical lesbian feminists of gender/women’s studies are described as ‘professors’. Perhaps an indication of how sick and decayed western society really is.
    Data seems to be of little consequence to the powers that be. Feminism’s main thrust seems to be “I’ll scweam and scweam and scweam”.


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